If you had chocolate eggs in your 3rd drawer and your manager asked you if you had chocolate and you said no?

Does this make you selfish? its my chocolate ration for tommorow. would you share?

Hellll no, woman!
And if anyone touches the Peeps hidden in my underwear drawer, or the cream eggs stuffed in my bra, they are going to be dead meat, sister!

I will ask him to wait for few minutes before i answer the question.

Open the drawer eat the Chocolate.

Then inform him that now honestly you dont have any chocolate

Depends how much I liked my manager and then if the chocolate wasn’t open I would probably say no, unless I wanted some myself in which case I would probably share.
It would all depend on my general mood, it doesn’t make you selfish really, more practical regarding your things.
Why would your manager ask you if you had chocolate? =S Maybe they know of your stash!….

well technically he asked for chocolate, not chocolate eggs so its fair game. besides he should be offering you candy/ i mean being the boss and all, this makes him more wealthy. hes the selfish one.

Hell no it’s not selfish.It’s called self preservation. What if all the chocolate in the world just vanished? You would still have yours then.

You work hard. Your manager should be bringing YOU chocolate. You just can’t get good help anymore.

Has your manager ever shared anything with you? If the answer is no then I wouldn’t share.

I do not share chocolate ever

so, is that the third drawer on the right, or the left?

heres another reason for everyone here to thumbs me down and turn me in , I hate chocolate…for serious , I really do. But if I liked it I would not share anyone ugly thats for sure.

Phuk NO
and I would eat it in that chicks face and tell her someone gave it to me…
you damn right I am selfish when it comes to my dark chocolate…
and phuk that beotch!!!!!!

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