If God intelligently designed the world…?

Why did more than 99% of all species that ever lived are now extinct?

Because God enjoys it when things suffer and die.

Using your reasoning then His only ignorance was in creating man. Since many are extinct due to man’s intervention. W/o man there’d be nothing to admire his handiwork except angels which were created to worship Him (no real critical judgement) or those who rebelled & hate Him (same issue).

Death came into the world from sin. Just like any malignancy it doesn’t confine itself to only one spot or person. But if you want to get technical no matter how beautiful, intelligent, etc. that something is that you create don’t you still have the right to destory it at will, no matter what anyone else thinks? So why judge God differently or make Him meet different standards?

God loved the creation made in His image enough to give them options (free will). But none are required. So judging God’s intelligence on whether species go extinct doesn’t make sense.

Because that is the way that he wanted it, if god didn’t design the world, how did life come from non-life forms, and how did intelligence develop from a world that is typically only associated with patterns? I understand there are problems with the creation idea, but I also understand that there are problems with scientific theories as well.

Seems to me that many Paleozoic and other ancient species are now dead and are the makeup of fossil fuels and the basis of modern technological advances. Ie Oil and gas. Sounds like intelligent design to me.

“Change” is the law of nature. Things emerge, grow and goes back to substratum of the system, which is known a recycling.

The whole Universe is infinite river of energy. Where energy is condensed, it becomes visible in the form of mass, as whirlpools are visible in a river. Every time whirlpool is different, fresh and new!

Because mankind messed it up. The world we have now is not the perfect world that God designed. One day it will all be put right.

Because God’s experimenting. Do you keep watching the same movie or listen to the same song for over and over every single day for years?

I can see you are getting a lot of response from the theists. Maybe they’re looking up some good passages to cut and paste for you….

God allowed them to be extinct to make more room for us…we have precidence (i hope that is how u spell it) over animals..

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose…

la la la

felt like singing

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