How come Christians dont let their children believe in Santa Clause because its a “lie” yet…?

Yet they have no problem teaching them that Christmas is the day Jesus was born. It should be pretty common knowledge that Jesus wasnt born December 25th just as it’s common knowledge that Santa Clause doesnt really exist.

Why is one lie ok and another is not?

They also teach that Christmas is a Christian…

I encourage my children to believe in Santa Claus – the longer they can remain children the better.

I teach that Christmas is a day that we celebrate the birth of Jesus, not that it is the actual day He was born.

I don’t tell my kids that Dec. 25 is the DAY that Jesus was born.

I tell them that Dec. 25 is the day we celebrate the FACT that Jesus was born on whatever day He was born on. The actual date was not recorded since there were no birth certificates or scrap books or wall calendars back then. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t or shouldn’t celebrate the Nativity.

I don’t actually put up mistletoe or holly, but we do gift gifts in remembrance of the Wise Men giving gifts and we spend a lot of time in the weeks before Christmas (Advent) doing things for the poor in our area. We collect warm hats, coats, scarves, gloves/mittens and boots, for example. Last year, we donated more than 150 items to the soup kitchen where I volunteer.

We also spend more time in prayer and worship, building up habits that last us well into the new year, leading up to Lent, when we do more of the same prior to Easter.

I have no idea why you would consider prayer, worship, and helping the poor pagan-based customs. Can you explain it to me?

lol-I have a kid and when he was young enough to hear about that, my ex (at the time) said if I was going to be honest with him about the God-belief, I should start out honest with him about SC. I was but it was hard b/c there were other children in my family and it was difficult to explain to a toddler why he couldn’t tell his cousins ‘the truth’.
I think it’s mostly tradition to teach young children that concept. I guess it helps ‘frame’ them for the God concept when they get older and can comprehend it more than when they find out that SC doesn’t really exist…they’re OK with that. Most just can’t make the connection with the adult version of SC (Christian God).
I think Easter is super pagan but many don’t seem to think about it. I saw a sign once that said ‘Christmas has Pagan DNA’ but I hardly ever see anything about Easter. When I was a kid I had the hardest time trying to figure out what Christ had to do with rabbits or colored eggs.

I don’t know of any christian that actually says the actual date of December 25th is the day Jesus was born. For we know it is not- We just celebrate His birthday on that day….infact I am not sure exactly what day He was born but we do know it was around that time. We just give glory to the Lord during Christmas time, not only that but ALL TIMES! God deserves the glory all the time- not just on holidays! But yeah a lot of holidays are pagan based you are right. I just teach my kids that we need to give God the praise and Glory all the time. But I am not going to be legalistic either so we do have a tree, and sing songs and make cookies and do presents. They know santa does not exist, but I dont care if they sing jingle bells! But we also sing praise to the Lord during this time, Christmas songs that are about Him. He is the one who should be receiving the gifts! (Just as He did when he was born, the wise men brought him gifts) Yet look what He has done, given us the greatest gift of all! His salvation! What a great and awesome God we have~

(oh but anways, my kids know the actual day of the 25th is not the actual day, just like when it is our birthdays we do not usually have a party on the actual day…depends. But most of the time we celebrate “around” that time)

Parting me Chippy, but are you reading the same dumbass answers such as I am?! I mean wow,…these Christians are lying straight through their teeth! They sing this lie throughout Christmas music. Have they heard of Silent Night!? Santa Claus is coming to town?! ETC?!
These people are pathetic because they are scared of the truth like true dark demonic beings are! The Mayans predicted that the SUN was born around this time, some odd millions of years ago! The Christians need to face the facts that their bible is a solar mythology.
ALSO, The sun is back into its acession at around Dec 25th If you’ll notice that on the 21st is the shortest day of the year, record the shadow of a tree or pole. On the 25th you can measure the shade of trees and etc again and see that the angle (degree) has changed!! The sun’s rising back into its acession, days get back longer, etc!! The ancients knew this!
This is the Christ(sunlight) being born, or reborn!
Christ means light!
All these stories are a real case of when we were in Elementary and the teacher told us to start of saying a certain phrase, and by the time you get to the current or last person IT NOTHING LIKE IT WHAT THE TEACHER INITIALLY!!
But trust me in this case mistake is on purpose!

That is the dumbest question I have read all day! Really. I don’t even have to energy to try and explain how wrong you are.

Well, Chippy is it? I, like most people on the planet, know exactly why we celebrate Christmas, so it is not the actual date of Christ’s birth, so what? it’s the day we chose. I am also aware that it, like many holidays, was created to coincide with a pagan holiday. I am neither lazy nor ignorant but your question was not really a question. You obviously troll this section to spout off on others beliefs so that you can ridicule them and therefore feel better about yourself. I don’t believe I give Christians a bad name, I believe boys like you are just looking to pick a fight. It wasn’t enough to respond in the YA section, you felt it necessary to email me and continue your rant. lol. Grow up, Be a man, and be able to take a little criticism when you form your questions in a manner that is sure to antagonize.

I do my best to always tell the actual truth. I told my son that December 25th is the day that we have set aside to celebrate Jesus’ birth, not that it is the actual date of His birth. I have never believed or implied to my son that a tree, stockings, etc. had anything to do with our Christian beliefs. Those are just American traditions as far as I’m concerned. It does not bother me that those traditions are pagan-based in any way. I have always told him that we exchange gifts to celebrate the gift God gave us when Jesus came to Earth in the form of a man. That is what I believe. I fully acknowledge the right of others to believe differently, however, I believe what I’m telling my son IS the actual truth. Thanks for the gut-check though.

eh, my parents were always pretty honest with me. ive always known that christmas was a pagan holiday, and that christ was probably born someitme in january. but honestly, who cares? cant you celebrate christ whenever you want? even if other people are celebrating something a little different at the same time?

oh,a dn a lot of christians tell their kids about santa clause. my parents kind of told it to me like a fairy tale, so i could still enjoy the tradition without being “lied” to. but my friends who believed in santa clause growing up turned out okay too…

1st – I would like to know where you received your information that Christmas is a Pagan based holiday. Not to say you are wrong, but I have NEVER heard that in my entire life.

2nd – You are criticizing Christians for doing one thing; yet you are generalizing all of us. Have you thought about the fact that maybe not all Christians are “bad”, but your obvious hatred for the religion makes you blinded?

3rd – My daughter DOES believe in Santa Claus, and we are a Christian family. I believe in allowing her the innocence of believing in someone doing something for others out of the kindness of their heart.

4th – I, too, teach my daughter that Christmas is the day we CELEBRATE Christ, his birthday, and everything he has done for us. And we actually don’t celebrate Christmas on December 25th, either.

You seem to know so much about Christianity, know it all. Why don’t you answer your own narrow-minded question?

I see some human beings right here say their dad and mom by no ability allowed them to have faith in Santa yet individually i think of it incredibly is undesirable parenting considering the fact that they possibly additionally indoctranating their young ones into their faith, because of the fact Santa and the Easter Bunny merely being slightly exciting right into a young ones life and getting to grasp they no longer genuine of their very own time enables a toddler see that faith is created from they decide directly to have faith that.

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