Honest opinions on John Cena?

What do you think of him? do you like him? hate him? good wrestler? i love him but i want your opinion. and no i don’t want 1000 comments saying he’s hot.

he has a heart of a champion

By the way I love essay. Although I’m not a fan of John Cena, but I’m considering John Cena as one of the best. John Cena might be the best in the future instantly he is not. In the other side, I gave him his credits for whatever he had accomplished for his career and for World Wrestling Entertainment. The conflict I have with John Cena is that World Wrestling Entertainment had pushed him too far away because there are other superstar who deserve those pushes than he does. Within a years John Cena won four World Titles while there are other superstar who haven’t win even a United States Championship. I know he deserve to be push for selling merchandise for World Wrestling Entertainment. One of the most compelling reason is that he is a main eventer. That thing pissed me off the most because most of the time he always win his match. Almost three months ago on Moday Night Raw while The Good was the guess host of Monday Night Raw, he shouldn’t win that Lumberjack match against The Miz. Don’t get me wrong because I’m not a fan of The Miz eighter. After being punished by the Lumberjack and a Master Lock my Chris Master. Two to three minutes later he jumps in the ring do the Five Knuckle and made The Miz tapped out. John Cena is not my favorite but I appreciate him for what he does.

He’s not the greatest, but he’s not the worst.

John Cena is an average wrestler that has the ability to sell himself through his mic skills and work ethic. I think a lot of people just hate the fact that he is the biggest face in the WWE, and the fact that the WWE centers a lot of their promotions around John Cena (because he is the biggest face).

I’m indifferent when it comes to John Cena, and his wrestling. Honestly, if John Cena’s really that bad, how come everyone was calling him “the future” when he was on SmackDown as a heel “wigger”? I don’t understand how he suddenly became a garbage wrestler after that. His wrestling was not that much different (except he did the Throwback and the Spin-Out Powerbomb more often). I don’t see where this hate bandwagon suddenly came from.

Ok look its not that cena is hated its that he gets ever title oppertunity there is or he defends the title all the time. And his wresting is so predictable. Its the same all the time he does the same moves and he is in a match for about 5-10 minutes building hype for the stfu or fu which he does all the time and wins. People don’t like it that cena is a maineventer all the time and has been a baby face for awhile they want him to turn heel. and be a mid card sometimes. people are tired of seeing the marine gimmick people want cena to be what he used to be to make him this famous. The white rapper who is a heel. And when cena was injured that was during the writers strike and people where begging cena to come back now we are getting to much of cena. Cena used to do funny backstage moments now all he says is I want the championship and blah blah blah cry how I got screwed but wont get mad or cry about it its the same and wwe needs some new writers to acutally use cenas charachter right. They are screwing his chareter right now it has so much more potenital than they are using that is why people are getting pissed off at cena.

Honestly, as much as people are on the “John Cena Hating Bandwagon” I do like him. I just don’t like how he is marketed to a more kid-friendly market. Stone Cold Steve Austin was marketed for the older crowd and the kids jumped on with it any ways. The best thing to rejuvenate John Cena’s career in the eyes of the fans is a heel turn. Whether it be to his old rapping gimmick or to a brand new heel gimmick, John Cena need this turn. It will give a good reason for the fans to boo him. Also, I don’t believe that fans should boo the baby face and cheer the heel. It is not good kayfabe and that is why TNA is on the downward spiral that it is on. Because of TNA wanting to “cross the line” in not defining heels and faces, fans do not know what they want in a wrestling personality.

Overall I like Cena more than not. He’s not the worst wrestler in the world and definitely has potential. He’s still fairly young though and has time to improve. I just think that he got too big of a push too fast and many people got sick of him.

And I know you don’t want to hear it, but as far as him being “hot” goes, half the women here probably wouldn’t give him a second look on the street if he weren’t a WWE superstar.

i don’t hate him. it is just really annoying how the y have him going for the title all the time. i would love it if he would just wrestle and not be going for the title all the time. he is an okay wrestler. there are other wrestlers that are better then him that should have the title. i am happy with who has the title know. since it cant be my favorite Jeff hardy, because he had to make a mistake and get suspended then i am happy it is randy Orton the legend killer.
the Orton era starts now!!!!!!!!!!

i have been waiting for this question…

john cena is a chav who cant wrestle as the wwe fix all of his his matches because all the little chavs who dont even understand wrestling buy his chav merchandice (like a spinnig belt that everyone now has to wear even if he is not the champion the champ does have to wear his very own costom belt) incase you havent noticed all he does in the ring is punch, that stupid salute thing (also he thinks he is a marine like all chavs envey)
And a high piched screem we unfortionatly have to witness every week that he seemes to do when… I dont know beet the world strongest man in an arm wrestle (fake)

feels good to get that off my chest

For all of you who think that Cena is just a waste of talent in the World Wrestling Entertainment, I’d advise you to stfu becuase YOU CAN’T SEE HIM! Also, why don’t you just sign a wwe and request a match with him so I can watch who ever said “I’ve cena-nuff” get his *** kicked on RAW, SmackDown, or ECW! I COULD GIVE A **** WHAT THE LAST MAN SAID! WORD LIFE!

He is known within the WWE for not having the best in ring skills. Watch his DVD, they say it. HHH said it in his own DVD.

He attracts kids and thousands of women who only watch for his looks.

He used to have great mic skills.

WWE has become infested with fake wrestling fans because of him. (They cheer him for his looks, just in case you were wondering how to spot them)

He was good up till he held the title for almost 2 years. You can’t push someone to be that popular and expect them not to get booed.

All in all Cena is just a money maker and fan attracter to WWE these days. If he looked like Festus then we wouldn’t have as many women fans.

He’s a hardworker and respectable for coming back early, taking criticism, etc.

John Cena rapper heel gimmick>Current gimmick

So he’s ok in small doses

Honestly , He Is A Horrible Wrestler

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