High school student.. buy or lease car?

I’m a 10th grader getting my license in 2 weeks.
should i buy a nasty old car for about 5-6k or should I lease a car for 169monthly+1800down (new toyota yaris)… my dad says leasing is horrible
how do I convince him?

Buy. I’ve heard from many adults that leasing a car is a bad idea.

Lease? Not in your name. If your dad is OK with it, maybe, but I think the lease will be in his name, and the lessor (the actual owner of the car) may not allow other drivers to be the actual user. If for example, you wrecked this car (a possibility) there is a good chance your dad may wind up paying a huge fee when he turns it back because once wrecked it can never be fixed perfectly and the value drops. The lessee will make you compensate them for this loss in value.

Look for a good 4 year old car as your first vehicle. Or you could get a 2 year old Yaris? By the way, they say a Honda Fit is more versatile.

Leasing is usually not a good idea for a teenager. Teens tend to want to change cars often, and leases are designed to be completed on schedule — not terminated early. Furthermore, teens tend to drive more miles than a typical lease allows, and tend to dent and scratch their cars, which can be expensive when leasing. Leasing works for people who are older, have more stable lives, and drive only average miles. Do not lease.

You can tell him that when you lease you only pay for the amount of the car that you use it for. i.e. a 3 year lease you pay for the depreciation of the vehicle. but when you buy a car you have to pay the whole car, so in a year you are still paying say $20,000 for a car that is now worth only $12,000 cause its a year old.

For morre info on saving to buy a car check out:

Lots a great money saving tips i got from there

I’m a 9th grader and to my opinion I think you should buy a crappy car because you might want to save that money up for more important things like collage.

If you were going to do the other way though. Tell, your dad when I go to collage I won’t have to always be repairing my car and I will keep it nice and make sure I never ruin. Its your choose. I get my license next year and I know I might buy a crappy car because I need money for more things.

Buy a cheap car because you’re going to beat the crap out of it. You’re 16, all you need is basic transportation. Insurance, gas and maintenance adds up real fast.

are you trying to convince him to spend your money or his? The economy isn’t doing so well and you will be in college in two years, where you will have lots of expenses besides a car and insurance.

buy a used car. save your money for college.

buy a car. It will pay off in the end. As long there is no problems with it and it runs, it’ll be fine.


Get a sweet truck on ebay you can get them on there for like 6k

either ebay or craigslist

I would buy the nice car, and tell ur dad you’ll pay him back later lol…

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