Hi fellow seniors, would you prefer to go over a bridge or through a tunnel?

As I have a morbid dislike of both I would prefer to do neither but needs must and I have to make that decision.

To cross the river Thames in London in order to save an hour and traffic congestion Hubby and I have to traverse one or the other.
Either way it will be a white knuckle ride for me.

As long as…

From July 1993 until April 2009 I had to go over the Berkley/Down-Town Bridge and into the Portsmouth/Norfolk tunnel 2 times a day. Too many fools slow WAY down when they enter the tunnel causing back ups.

There is one bridge up on the Peninsula on the way to Richmond called the Gilmerton Bridge that I rode my motorcycle across one time. Coming home I went way up north and crossed that way so I didn’t have to cross the Gilmerton again. That open mesh metal section was scary to ride.

There is a tunnel on the eastern shore of Maryland leading over toward Annapolis (home of the U.S. Navy Academy) that actually has people who drive others across. I read about one woman who would pull into the parking lot, get in the back seat and cover herself with a blanket while a bridge employee drove her across. When she came back from work, she’d do the same thing. 7 KM http://www.roadstothefuture.com/BayBridg…

Here in the southeast section of the Virginia Colonies, we have several that have both a bridge and a tunnel. One of the jokes is “You’re from Hampton Roads if you can name all the bridge-tunnels: MID-TOWN, DOWN-TOWN, HAMPTON ROADS BRIDGE TUNNEL, MONITOR-MERRIMAC BRIDGE-TUNNEL, CHESAPEAKE BAY BRIDGE TUNNEL. Each year in October, there is the annual ride of motorcycles from Harbor Park in Norfolk through the tunnels to Bayside Harley-Davidson in Midtown Portsmouth. Includes a Harley Davidson bike and fashion show. This annual event, hosted by Bayside Harley-Davidson, draws over 7,000 motorcycles for a police escorted parade through 3 to 4 of the area’s tunnels (not the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel because there is a toll there and it goes up to the DelMarVa peninsula instead of around Hampton Roads). It also raises donations for the Hampton Roads Navy & Marine Corps Relief Society and local police departments.
I’ve made 3 of the last 4 runs with my wife.

As a long term sufferer of BOTH vertigo and claustaphobia I find the Dartford Crossing bit of a nightmare – in both directions.
Haven’t been there for a long while – but can’t imagine it’s changed – ie Bridge over (travelling South) and Tunnel back (returning North). Choice doesn’t come into it.
If you’re OK on heights – the bridge affords ‘good views’ – but it can be rather breezy up there. If breeze turns to strong wind – or gales – they reduce speed limits even further.
Toll booths (for both N/S traffic) are on the S side – and if you have plenty of loose change, you need simply toss the requisite coins into a bin – and drive on. Booths are manned – for awkward people who only have a £10 note – want change – and want to cause a mile long tail-back.
It’s a very ‘busy crossing ‘ but works quite well most of the time.
The occasional mishap CAN cause serious snarl-ups.
I was a regular ‘user’ from the time the original SINGLE (2-way tunnel) was opened in 1963. They then had to build a 2nd tunnel – ie 2 lanes each – one N one S – but ever-increasing traffic made it necessary to build The Bridge.
As said – the bridge caters for all southbound travellers – and the 2 tunnels cater for those going north.
Quite easy – once you get used to it.
; )))

I despise both. I suppose, though, I would prefer being on the bridge….at least if there’s a wreck or a traffic snarl, one doesn’t have to worry about fumes, fires, that build up in a tunnel…..nor about there being less options to access a serious wreck. At least on a bridge, they can drop someone from a helicopter to help you.

UGH! Just hate both, though.

In the USA, we have a long, long, long, long bridge that goes from the mainland of Florida to the Florida Keys. I dearly love the Florida Keys….but refuse to be on that bridge for several reason….so the only time I have ever visited the Keys was either by boat….or by air.

I also would be nearly having to refuge away from a bombing blitz to go through the Chunnel in the UK….as can’t think of anything else that would impel me to get into a tunnel like that.

I would definitely take the bridge. I don’t mind going over bridges at all and regularly drive across The Forth Bridge between Fife & Edinburgh. Also going in train across the Forth Rail Bridge.

I have been through tunnels but, I have to admit, I don’t like them. Especially if the tunnel is under water – like the channel tunnel. There is no way you would get me going through that.

If I had my druthers, I’d take the tunnel, though neither is my first choice; I’d prefer to fly over the water. Bridges scare the cr*p out of me. The Mackinac Bridge, which connects the lower peninsula to the upper peninsula of Michigan, is terrifying to me, and if I were on my own, I would hire the service they offer to drive you over the bridge in your own car, while I cowered in the back seat with my eyes closed. I’ve gone through the tunnel connecting Detroit with Canada many times and while it didn’t bother me at the time, I can see why people would be creeped out. My dear Aunt Audrey shared this fear with me. They lived in St. Petersburg, FL and often had to take the bridge known as the Sunshine Skyway between Tampa and St. Pete. My uncle would drive over it without a care in the world, pointing out the scenery, and my Aunt would say, Just shut up, Joe, and keep your eyes on the damn road. LOL.

Living by New york City, I’m pretty used to bridges and tunnels, and actually don’t mind either as long as they get me where I want to go. The tolls are really high however, I guess we have to fill someones pocket if we use the bridges and tunnels.

This may sound crazy;but if the bridge is a concrete structure I feel safe but if the bridge is made of iron I’m a bit leary of getting on those.

As far a tunnels;I’m not afraid of them providing they are well lit and not too long.

Both are one-way, so if you are going clockwise across the river (ie heading south) you will have to use the bridge; if,however, you are heading north you will have to use one of the 2 bores in the tunnel. I prefer the bridge because the view is spectacular.

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Had you been in my head while i thought about this question you would be dizzy. this is deep, if the tunnel represents the easy way out as to the bridge then yes. if im walking.bad knees still the tunnel..then i have to consider if its daylight or dark and i driving or walking..cant jump off the bridge still tunnel now im tired.

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