Have you ever witnessed death?

If you have, when and what happened?
I have seen death quite a few times actually. Maybe not a LOT, but enough times!
~When I was 8 I witnessed death for the first time, I saw a little boy get killed by a great white shark when I was in Florida.
~When I was 10, I saw a car crash and saw a family die in the…

No, I sure haven’t. I think when we have recurring themes in our life, there is some lesson to be learned.

Yes, seen it a lot actually. When I was 15 I graduated high school and took courses to learn to be a CNA (Nurses Assistant). After I got my CNA 1, I landed my job at 16 and started taking care of patients, dying patients. And I witnessed many die. Some deaths are painful, some are not. It’s weird and different. Everyone has their own different way of dying.

Me too!! I have to see these stuffs, they scared me a lot. But death things are not weird at all, death is normal. Nothing lives forever you know XD ( of course you know TT”, idiot me XD ). When I was 8, I nearly died because of a crazy motorbike pass me a my mother. And lucky me I just broke my leg though TT”. That was really scary. It took me 3 months in wounds. >”< When I was 7, I used to bury my sick dog. TT” 2 months ago, I saw a rat in my swimming pool with blood. Eeks TT”!! When I was 9, I did idiotic tricks above grandpa’s big fish pool for my little cousins, I fall down and those big fish surround, I screamed for mama’s help… I usually saw car crashes 2 years ago so for me it is not a big problem. Students in my school often have fights in the restrooms. And I always have at least 3 nightmares for a month.

specific, considered it plenty quite. mutually as i exchange into 15 I graduated severe college and took training to discover ways to be a CNA (Nurses Assistant). once I relatively have been given my CNA a million, I landed my activity at sixteen and started out finding after victims, loss of life victims. and that i witnessed many die. some deaths are painful, some at the instant are not any further. this is weird and wonderful and gorgeous and distinctive. certainly anyone has their very own distinctive way of loss of life.

No, but I’ve been near death. I found a dead body. I was the last person of my family to see my grandma an hour before she died. But the worst was when a yelled at an old lady and she had a heart attack and died. I’ll live with that guilt for the rest of my life.

Just merely in the wrong places at the wrong times. =/
I’ve saw my grandmother die last year. Last month, I saw a car drive lose control and ejected 3 people. I assumed they died. Its all very unfortunate.

You are so young to have seen so much death.

I am sorry that you have witnessed so much already.

But I hope you realise that death is all part of the cycle of life, and will come to us all, in one way or another, its just unfortunate the tragic ways in which some people die.

By the way its probably unintentional, but your question is definitely in the wrong section and category.

Death is not a joke.


Wow nothing as major as yours
but yes I have my kitty :'(
I watched one have a sezier in my living room and another get hit by a car.
Its normal for things to die but I would be tramatized if I were you. lol

yes.. i have witnessed it.. its harder to watch someone you know die. its extremely difficult to see them in pain.. when my grandmother was on her deathbed it was painful to watch. sometimes death can be a relief. i was relieved that she wasn’t in pain any more.

i am fortunate to not have witnessed any.

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