Have you ever had an impossible dream?

Have you ever had a dream that would not die no matter who said it was wrong, misguided, or even silly?
Can you share the essence of that dream in a song?
This is mine.
Thanks for answering!
Many Blessings!

Yes. For many it might seem very silly and not so impossible but for me it is a dream. My dream is to have what many take for granted:

A home where I belong, for starters. It’s been a long time coming.

It’s pretty simple but I have a few additional requests to complete my dream. A garden, a place close by where I can enjoy the peacefulness of nature and good musician friends who are like-minded who also share some of my other loves in life. Good friends to laugh with, secret places to walk to…

Most of all, someone whom could possibly love me, whom I love too, equally, to share this dream with.

Something lasting, at least lasting enough to survive change.

Sounds simple when I read back, but for some reason it hasn’t been so easy.

“Impossible” dream? No, not impossible, but “challenging” at times? Yes.

I haven’t heard that song in long time. To read and hear those lyrics today compared to many years back….those lyrics apply very different now. Powerful and encouraging lyrics.

What gives me “courage” and reminder to “hold on” are two songs.
…”Me” by Katharine McPhee
…”Hold On” by Wilson Phillips group

Did you know that Wilson Phillips group is daughters of Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys and Phillips from the Mama’s and the Papas? Wilson Phillips sing so well together, power music, lyrics of insight, beauty and empowerment.

Thanks for sharing that song. Andy Williams sings well, yet think I’ll see if there’s newer artist who sings it. Still in all, I’ll add it to my “standing in your power” and Truth group of songs.

Hugs to your soul.

Edit…I didn’t write my “dream” above here yet after posting my “answer” I read others answers. “Celtic Peace” has same “dream” as I do. Interesting the coincidence. And, “Celtic Peace” you worded it wonderfully. It’s now a “dream” and IS a reality unfolding.

~ Smiles and hugs ~

Yes I have many dreams which for now seem impossible, Find a job, find a wife, be happy. kby

Yes, I have! I’ve let myself get off track, but I’d like to go back to focusing on pursuing it this year… so….

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUBwjyhRw… Just because it’s so fun!

Yes, I have a dream that my atheist brethren will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their lack of belief in mythology but by the content of their character.

To reconcile the external and the internal.

Here’s a suitable song:


Yowza at 1:27!!!
srsly, I got shivers.
Thanx for sharing….I wish that I were as ambitious.
Alas, I am but a toad.

Nothing is impossible in a dream.

A beautiful song friend,mine is only simple,
“I Just Want to be Me”.

My dream is to be with my Heavenly Father in heaven after I die.

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