Gay marriage, abortion, Obama, who says you are right?!?

I’m really lost here…. why is it okay for the minority to tell me i have to believe their way otherwise i’m a racist, homophobe, right wing nut, whatever BUT it is not okay for me to tell them they have to believe MY way?!

i really don’t understand this. i am chastised that i stand against gay marriage…

Welcome to the world of political correctness.
I don’t know where you live, but the USA is no longer a democracy, were the majority rules. Welcome to the United States of Apartheid. We are now being dictated to by our minorities.

California’s support of Propostion 8 was a wonderful victory for our country, in spite of Hollywood’s and liberals’ interpretation of its passage.

Why is this even an issue? The right wing hasn’t done a thing to stop Gay marriage or abortion have they? All they do is say “we are against this and we will stop that” then when they are elected in they say,”I’lll leave that up to the individual State’s to decide” I am against abortion and I wish it had never been made legal in the first place. People have become so cruel and hardened to the life of the unborn baby. (it’s just a blob of tissue they say) I don’t see how refusing to allow same sex couples the right to form a civil union of some kind will stop them from being gay. There have always been gay people with us and there always will be gay people with us. Marriage between a human and an animal is another thing entirely, an animal cannot give their consent. Last but not least sin is sin and one is no worse than the other in God’s eyes.

If they’re a “minority”, how did they win the election?

The way to tell whether something is “right” or “wrong” is to evaluate how much it hurts people, how well or poorly it is working. Ideals are fine to apply if they make life better for all, but they cannot substitute for actual experience. Prohibition was an admirable notion, but it created more problems than it solved, so that today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of its repeal. If a blanket prohibition of abortion merely drives it underground, causing crime and death, how is that promoting a culture of “respect for life”? If a person who loves the “wrong” partner cannot attain the same cultural recognition as someone else, how is that justice? The “God” that many Christians portray is insensitive and arbitrary, contradicting his reputation for justice and mercy, so is the problem his or their perception of him?

I agree that people should be allowed to believe as they want to. The problem, always, is when one forces ones beliefs on others by interfering in their lives. When you force entire classes of people to be “good” (by your definition), you only make them angry and resentful. When you purport to “protect the innocent”, keep in mind how many people you exclude from the definition. Instead of trying to outlaw every behavior you don’t like, why not leave the option open and educate people to a better way, or at least provide workable alternatives to the disapproved behavior?

For far too many Christians, the object is not to do good but to be “right”, or more exactly, to “win”.

Obama was elected by majority vote and you live in a democracy?
You probably use the right to chastize people who want to get gay marriage, so why are you offended if they do some chastizing back?
They are obviously the minority in California, that’s why Prop.8 didn’t get passed…
The legalities of abortion have been regulated by laws.
You live in a country where democracy and laws are valued and there is freedom of speech. You might want to actually enjoy it.

“You just have to stop interefering in other people’s right to believe and live their life their way. Your freedom of belief must of necessity end where someone else’s begins. ”
Yep, fully agree. Now you just have to realize that this applies to you as well. Is there a law which forces you to marry somebody or to have an abortion?

Oh an easy one! 🙂

Because no one is trying to *outlaw* YOUR way.

That’s the beauty of the hot-button issues. Other than your moral indignation, you’re not really affected by them whatsoever. Against abortion? No one will ever force you to have one. Against gay marriage? You don’t have to have one. The point is, in the US at least, you do not get to make these choices for someone else.

Leaving these things legal does not do anything to you. Outlawing them deprives other people who believe differently from exercising their rights to freedom of religion (as in abortion & gay marriage) and equal treatment under the law (as in gay marriage).

And quite frankly no one is asking you to “believe” their way. You just have to stop interefering in other people’s right to believe and live their life their way. Your freedom of belief must of necessity end where someone else’s begins. So far as I can see, you and people who believe as you do are the ones trying to legislate your ways on the rest of us.

It’s called freedom and some of us are trying to keep it around.

Your opinions are fine. You can have your opinions as long as you want. You CANNOT force others to act on those opinions because you think it’s right.

You see there’s a difference between saying “No one should get married because I don’t like it” and saying “No one should be banned from getting married because somebody doesn’t like it”.

EDIT: “the gay people are invading the churches and protesting in vile manners…. that is not someone trying to impose their beliefs on mine” — Of course it is. It’s disruptive, immature and altogether selfish. But why do you expect them to stay out of the church if the church won’t stay out of their marriage?

Because your views are restrictive of the liberties of others. Let me give you an example: as old fashioned as it might sound, let’s say I’m against divorce. I would personally not get one. Sounds good so far, right? Well, let’s say that just because I believe it is wrong, I think there should be a law prohibiting EVERYONE who want to divorce from getting one. Just because I think so. See the problem with this? You don’t have to think being Gay is ok if you don’t want to, or that black and hispanics can be decent people: however, you can’t expect society to oust these groups or to limit them just because you want it so. I’m an Atheist, that doesn’t mean I’m going to complain so they take the “In God we trust” slogan off the one dollar bill, or that I’m going to complain because there is a Christmas tree in my local mall. It’s all about tolerance, and tolerating something doesn’t mean you agree with it. It means you acknowledge it has a the same right to exist as you do.

You are certainly entitled to your personal beliefs — and to express them respectfully. I guess what I don’t understand is why those who oppose, say, gay marriage or abortion, feel the need to restrict others’ freedom. Is it not enough to avoid committing certain acts yourself? If you oppose abortion, don’t have one. As long as a person is not harming another, why do you object? Does it really make a difference to you if a gay person is permitted to get married? Does it really undermine your own marriage? You don’t have to believe my point of view, but you don’t have to actively seek to restrict the rights of others. Just live the way you see fit and allow others to do the same without judgment.

I think eating meat is wrong, so I don’t do it. I’d love to see better standards of welfare for farmed animals, but I don’t seek to restrict your right to eat meat. Again, if you disagree with something, don’t do it.

My issues with Obama has to do with his betrayal of his anti-war constituency. His retainment of Bush’s Secretary of Defense, as well as Warrior Princess Hillary (who never opposed a war in her life except Vietnam), as well as statements by Obama implying further intervention in South Asia, are things that I’m appalled about.

And I’m appalled that war is not an abomination to you. It is anti-christ in its very nature, and requires the telling of lies by the state to even get started. Neither Bush nor Obama are peacemakers, unlike those quoted “blessed” by Jesus.

Ending war should be at the top of your priorities, not just for the sake of the world, but also for the future economic and social well-being of you and your kin. Instead, you harp on “family values” and ignore human dignity. DISGUSTING.

I didn’t vote for Obama (or McCain, or Bush) because he already showed indications during his campaign that he would not be a peace president.

gay marriage+abortion are two highly controversial issues, obviously. i think everybody’s entitled to their opinion, but…i blame the liberal media. honestly, these days it seems as though people are incapable of thinking for themselves and simply go by what they see on the news. so many americans are guilty of it, including me. just allowing what they see on the media to dictate their thought patterns.

nobody should HAVE to believe anything- that’s what america is. freedom to believe in what you want to believe without ridicule or shame. obviously, this works both a sense, it’s about what the perceived majority believes. it’s the tyranny of the majority, real or imagined.

I think there’s a difference between being civil and having to feel the same way.
I happen to hold views that have been branded as left-of-center, but I don’t think others should be forced to agree. If you have an irrational dislike of black people because they are black, well, I probably wouldn’t hang out with you, but as long as long as you are not threatening others or advocating for people to be treated differently on that, that’s about it.
I support women having the right to choose to terminate their pregnancy since the US is not a theocracy, but that doesn’t mean I think women should *have* to have one; choice means free to choose to carry to term as well. (As a friend of mine did.)
With gay marriage, I think civil marriage should be open to same-gender couples; if your or any other church chooses to not recognize those marriages, that’s fine since we have separation of church & state.

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