Favorite NFL Team!!!?

What is your favorite NFL team. I am a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan.

This team right here

The Steelers fan since the late 60’s I really liked the 1979-80 season My wife and I went to the SB and got to watch them win a GREAT game that went back n forth neither team had more than a TD lead, till the last couple minutes when the Steelers beat the LA Rams 31-19 the SB last Feb was a great game too Only 3 coaches since 1969 The Rooney’s know how to hire good people and let them do their job a lot of teams wish they had our organization’s people

Was a diehard Packer fan but until they fire Ted Thompson and Mike Mcarthy its gonna be hard to like them

ill go with the San Diego “super” chragers for now


Seahawks. Glad to see the eagles should be able to beat minn Go Eagles!

Miami Dolphins.
I’m a Brit and it’s the only Team I know (so they have to be my favourite) because I have friends in Miami

Da Bears!

SF 49ers



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