Do Republicans still want to “Drill Baby Drill”?

They chanted it at the Republican Convention but after the oil spill and all the finger pointing, do they still want to “drill baby drill”?

Of course. I would rather die than admit I was wrong.

Absolutely. Only a complete ignoramus would want to stop oil drilling over one accident. Where would the country be if every time an accident occurred we did away with that specific technology ? Should we do away with cars because we have car accidents ? Or ban fire because houses burn down. Or make it illegal to swim because people down ? Only liberals think in this absurd manner. This is life, and accidents happen. That’s reality, not the lack of some regulation that will keep it from happening.

I say we should keep drilling until the wells are dry. This oil spill in the gulf is what it is, just a spill. People are all getting their panties in a bunch over nothing. We need this oil to survive and if we can’t get it from the gulf, well there are plenty of other places: Alaska, various national parks, Iraq, Saudi Arabia. The list goes on. I don’t care where we are getting it from or at what cost, as long as it’s cheap when I’m filling up my tank.

Obviously there is much for you to learn about energy production and oil drilling. But I wouldn’t expect a progressive liberal to know facts of any sort. I’m trying to remember the last oil rig to blow up and release oil into the gulf to where it had an environmental effect. But, it seems it never happened before this.

Well, yes.

We live in an oil-based world, and naively wishing for oil won’t make it appear. You have to drill for it.

If we were able to drill in places like ANWR, maybe we wouldn’t need to do this risky deep-sea drilling. You can thank the Democrats for the big blob of oil in the Gulf.

Let me guess, you think only Republicans invest in oil.

By the way, ‘Drill Baby Drill’ was in support of land-based drilling, not off-shore wells..Odd how you forgot to mention that huh?

A single accident? i assume that little ingredient in Alaska noted as Exxon Valdez(which continues to be no longer wiped clean up) do no longer count extensive style. that is already the worst man made enviomental disaster ever & it is going to be a minimum of two months till now they are able to give up it now.

Of course, I’d destroy the entire Atlantic Ocean with oil spills before I turn to MyMood ImInAJihad and his cronies asking to buy some oil off of them.

Yes. Since you don’t, you need stop using oil products NOW.

Your president certainly knows his base, plan an oil spill and suddenly the liberal morons start talking about the evils of oil. Oil has made our standard of living unbelievably high and and I bet you’d fight anyone not to give it up.

Unless you prefer: Import baby, import…there’s no other choice. America has over 2 trillion barrels in known reserves locked where we could easily reach it, but the eco-freaks prefer we drill 50 miles offshore, in difficult situations.

Since nothing will replace oil for the next half-century, use your freaking head; stop with they hyper-emotionalism.

Of course they do. After all they are on oil companies payrolls like this Republican judge which allowed further drilling.

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