Did Obama go to Kenya in 2006 to campaign for his Communist cousin Odinga?

Odinga is a relative (same tribe as his father) of Obama’s and Obama actively campaigned for him during a “fact finding” trip to Kenya–which is, by the way, illegal.

Jerome Corsi went to Kenya to research the connection and brought back emails that prove cooperation between Obama and Odinga showing Obama was a consultant of sorts to his cousin’s campaign. Here is Corsi’s first report and documentation of email exchange between Obama and Odinga:

I opened the memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Raila Odinga and the Kenyan National Muslim Leaders at the Wikipedia site and was amazed. Obama was well aware of this MOU as well. Although Odinga claims to be Anglican, the first “Whereas” in this document states:

“Whereas The Candidate(that’s Odinga) – who recognizes Islam as the only true religion – is seeking to become the next President of the Republic of Kenya”.

Seems like religious identity crises run in the family!!

But then, I was flabbergasted when I read what all he agreed to do if elected! He basically said he would institute Shariah law and nationalize Islam. He also agreed that his Kenyan government would not allow other countries to extradite and put on trial Muslim extremist terrorists and, instead, they could only be put on trial in Kenya and the government would provide a lawyer for them. Given Shariah law, I’m sure THAT would get those terrorists shaking in their boots!! Kenya would immediately become a terrorist training center.

Read it here at this link and just remember, this is a guy that Obama CAMPAIGNED FOR!!! It’s bad enough what havoc Obama is wreaking in the world as a candidate–just imagine what will go on with him in the Whitehouse!


Odinga claims they are cousins and some claim Obama arrived in Kenya and supported him.

PBS did a story about the relationship:

“When Obama took time off his campaign in New Hampshire to make a five-minute phone call to Odinga, urging him to talk with President Kibaki in order to avoid more bloodshed, New York Sun columnist Daniel Johnson wrote, “If [Obama] has been putting tribal or family considerations above America’s national interest by supporting Mr. Odinga’s anti-Western candidacy, it raises serious questions about his judgment.”


Yeah, Odinga’s cousin’s religious mentor, “Uncle” Wright, went with Jeremiah L. Wright Award recipient Louis Farrakhan to bypass to Quaddafi. sounds like relatives organisation. thank you for posting this.

They are not related, for one. Odinga was just tight with his father. The word cousin was lost in translation because of the relationship.
There are many connections there, and Corsi will reveal them soon, Monday I believe.

No he didnt bit Odinga is popular in kenya now!

He was in the US Senate in 2006.

Wow someone listened to Rush yesterday. Good little diddo head keep smearing and spreading your talking points.

Simple no and where’s your link are you just throwing something out there like some do?

Obama has Commie ties also. Wow

Don’t know and don’t care If it is whats your point, now he has to disown his family too? If thats the case Palin better get a divorce.

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