Can you travel on plane in the US with Mexican passport?

I have a friend that wants to go from Atlanta to LA on a plane all she has is her Mexican passport without a VISA she came in the us illegal but has her passport can she use that as an ID to get on the plane without being deported?

*****no mean comments please b/c I will report them!!******

She came here illegally?! Are you serious?!

A Mexican has to use a Mexican passport in the U.S., ’cause that’s the only passport he or she could have. There’s no law that would require a foreigner who’s not a U.S. resident to get some form of U.S. ID.

The only ones who have any right to check for a visa are CBP officers, and a traveler does usually not get in contact with those unless he pulls out a gun at the scanner and screams “I’ll take you all down with me!”

Airport Screeners have been instructed to look for a valid visa and I-94 in foreign passports. If she doesn’t have it they’ll hold her for a CPB Officer or DHS.

She’s an illegal alien. If she flies she’s taking a chance.

I would say, by now, TSA agents would red-flag your friend if her passport doesn’t have a valid visa. If I was her, I wouldn’t risk it. I know she has a long way to go, but it’s best if she goes by car.

Not without a valid visa.

The TSA has never caught a terrorist. They have only ever caught illegals and pot heads.

Yes Maham as long as its up to date with a picc it’s a form of identification – 🙂

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