99 Eclipse gs can i put the stock turbo in?

I have a 99 eclipse with no turbo. could i get a stock turbo from the same generation that has the turbo and put it in mine with out having to do work to the engine?

No. When you add a turbo, you are adding more air into each cylinder by force, and your computer adjusts your fuel accordingly for each unit of air that comes in (when you hit the pedal). In cars w/o stock turbo’s, there ecm only reads air at regular sea level psi, and that turbo increases that psi, so if you added it your computer wouldn’t know whats going on basically and just guess at the fuel amount. You also have to change other things (depends on your turbo psi) such as injectors, your sensors, ecm. Adding a turbo requires alot of modification to a car if its aftermarket for the car. No offence but if i was gona soup up a car and make it a ricer racer i would do it with something other than mitsubishi. A good little car that i would look for is a toyota supra with the twin turbo’s!

No, the 99 GS has a 4g63 engine and the 4g63t is the turbo version. You could do an engine swap and get the turbo, but it would be pointless since the GS is FWD (front wheel drive). I could guide through what mods you should used since I had a GSX, sold it since I don’t have the time to work and take care of it anymore (Fooking economy). So I got an 2000 Eclipse GT, it is very similar to your GS, in term of design, however your engine is cheaper to upgrade than mine, since I have a 6g72 engine, more expensive to mod.

If you want some advice on what mods you should do first, email me at [email protected]
I assume that you are pretty well verse in auto-mechanic if you are going to do it yourself. Otherwise don’t attempt to without help or advice.

No, they are different motors so you are going to need to troubleshoot and modify a few things.

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