17Yr old dating 13yr old?

Ok i understand theres alot about this but mines a little bit different (warning long and confusing)

I’m a guy thats currently 17 and just started dating a 13yr old I understand most people are gonna say the common whys and gross and whatever but its complicated. I’m also turning 18 soon…
we havent…

I’m against an age difference of this many years, but since you’re not in it for the sex, I’ll help you.
Don’t keep the relationship. It’s not worth you getting in trouble for a thirteen year old. Tell her you really like her, but you can’t have sex with her. Tell her about the legal concequences and why you can’t be in a relationship with her. Let her know that you enjoy her company and personality, because even at that age, girls will think you don’t want them because their body is wrong. Clarify that, because even if that isn’t your intention, she’ll still think it is and possibly try to prove you wrong.

Even supposing it’s considered nonetheless legal, i might be damned if i let my little thirteen year old sister get into anything severe with a 17 12 months old. Thirteen continues to be so young.. 17 is already tainted with recommendations and lusts and desires to try matters out. Believe about that. In case you are a caring sibling, do not let your sister be forced into immoral matters manner too early in lifestyles. She wishes to experience existence more earlier than settling down with someone in a relationship. Possibly shes not concerned in ample stuff and needs more to maintain her occupied. I have no hindrance with the gender problem however out of all the questions i’ve ever answered on yahoo this one just sends off this kind of horrible vigour vibe, i particularly do not consider like your sister is in a risk-free position.

If you believe you love her and want to be with her you will both have to recognise that until she is 16 it is against the law to be in a relationship, best to leave her to grow into an adult and you go and have fun with girls over the age of consent until you can be together or you may risk being put on a sex offenders list for the rest of your life would it be worth it?

I don’t agree with your logic that a 17-year-old wouldn’t be guilty of raping a 12- year-old if she consented. Under the law, an underage child (which a 14-year-old is, too, btw) does not have the ability to give his/her consent. It would still be considered rape, I believe.

If you want her in your life then be her friend until she is of age. No sex.

Eh, its not often I see situations like this. All I’m gonna say is just be friends with her. She’s still considered a minor, and dating a girl that much younger would be indeed awkward and creepy

I don’t think it’s healthy, emotionally, for either of you. She is still a child and you are almost an adult. Sorry.

I promise you that unless you have one h*ll of a good lawyer, you will lose your case. Don’t do it. Please try to find someone closer to your own age.

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