The media spreads a lie that the Iranian president said he wanted to wipe out Israel and nobody Knows it?

Does Iran’s President Want Israel Wiped Off The Map ?

An analysis of media rhetoric on its way to war against Iran – Commenting on the alleged statements of Iran’s President Ahmadinejad .

It’s becoming clear. The statements of the Iranian President have been reflected by the media in a manipulated…


yes, you are right. The Iranian President was quoting Ayatollah Khomeini, the father of the Islamic revolution. On top of that, the english translation of the phrase is badly misinterpretated, in a very fox news style, to brainwash people to think Iran is a threat that must be the one “wiped off the map”. Come on people, dont be so gullible.

This quote refers to the ‘occupation of Jerusalem’, motivating palestians to keep the faith, that someday they will take back what was taken from them. So what the quote really says is “erase the occupation of Jerusalem from the page”.

Bush is using this “wipe off the map” hoax as a pretext for war. Are you still in the mood for more war? Don’t you think the world has had enough?

Yeah. And I’ve got some swampland in Florida to sell you.

The selection of candidates for the election is restricted to those individuals approved by the 12-member Council of Guardians. Half of the Council’s members are appointed by the Supreme Leader and are intended to preserve the values of the Islamic Republic.

The President of Iran is a puppet to a radical Islamic state and, as such, is an adherent to all the lovely principals that that entails, including pronouncing the West and Israel as infidels.

Yes, I’ve seen (my own eyes) and heard it with my own ears, that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

There’s no spin on that statement, he made the statement and meant it. If he had not meant it, perhaps he should not have said it.

I can appreciate you wanting to change the meaning of what he said…

…but if waddles like a duck and quacks like a duct…I’m thinking, well, it’s a duck.

Peace be with you.

He has been directly quoted for three years saying this over and over and over.

And you, here on yahoo answers are the first person to claim that he was “misquoted”?

Was he also misquoted when he said that the Holocaust never happened as well?

Peace be with you!

I see so he said it but not meaning what it was interprityed as he ment only the governments should be wiped out so he could bring in islamic laws ??

All we have heard is lies about the war and what is going on in the war our government leaders have not told us the truth and i believe will at the pace we are going want another war.

Then how do you explain the plain video of him openly stating that Israel was to be wiped off the map, and implying if he had nukes, he would use them to do just that?

Believe me, Israel feels no threat. It thinks its top dog telling the Americans what to do

Does the world become duller when seen through the narrow blinders of you political perspective?

Do you work for Iran’s propaganda machine? Your posting lies.

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