So, for those who insist people aren’t born gay, when exactly did I “become gay”?

It seems like a matter of simple logic that if you are not born gay, you must turn into a homosexual at some point later in your life, and I find myself curious as to when that was for me, because my sexual orientation has certainly never felt like a choice for me.

For instance, did it happen when I was a…

The kind of people you are looking to get an answer out of won’t post an answer because they can’t think for themselves. Here’s my advice for you though. Never forget what you are, the world will not; wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.

You are the only one who can answer that question, but you were not born homosexual. I don’t like the term “gay”, because that has a whole different meaning. Homosexual has only one meaning. I believe it is a process, and also believing lies about homosexuality; with the worse one being someone was born a homosexual. No one was ever born a homosexual; and doesn’t even know what that means until someone tells them. It is a choice; and it may be based on feelings for the same sex, but I can assure you, the source behind homosexuality is Satan; who wants to destroy mankind. It could run in a family line, with a father, mother, uncle, or even cousin being a homosexual, or even having friends who reveal that they are homosexual. Tell me this; did someone force you to be a homosexual, or did you “choose” to engage in homosexual activities? Homosexuality is a choice, just as being heterosexual is also a choice. It is possible that you or others who struggle with homosexuality or even thoughts about it are being tormented by Satan, and need deliverance, and God is always ready and willing to set anyone free from the spirit of homosexuality; if you desire to be free from it. If not, you are free to choose to remain a homosexual, but remember this, God has a far better life for you than that, and wants to bless you with joy, peace, and prosperity; and even the perfect wife if you desire marriage and maybe a family. Yes, the choice is always yours, and God will never force you against your will; but remember this, He love you, and is always a prayer away. Romans 10:8-10 is how anyone can be born again.

That is an interesting insight, I am not gay but some kids at school from the first year at school you knew they were not interested in the things you liked and somehow they managed to find other small kids with the same inclination. For boys, it to me is obvious they were born gay as some other kids you know were born bad and some you know were always going to be the over kind types. I don’t know about lesbians as they were never obvious.
Thanks for sharing us with your thoughts

Once i heard from my imam, he said, gay or transgender will always be there from the past till the end. This does not mean that God created imperfections but as evidence of the power of God and for humankind to accept differences.…

Quite a good read. It brings up very valid points many don't think are there.

you obviously chose to be gay to reap the many benefits that come with that choice
1- the understanding and appreciation of society
2- the special rights and privileges it entitles you to
3- the abundance of sexual mates to choose from, which is a huge plus considering that people are converting to homosexualistism in droves for the aforementioned benefits

so, who wouldn’t turn his back on god’s given morality and become gay?

Anyone notice how the only person disagreeing with him doesn’t even answer the question and just starts spouting religious beliefs?

It happened when you chose to behave in a depraved manner.

I think you were always gay. Best wishes.

I dont think you did choose to be gay, but you did however choose to vote yourself best answer countless times. No way you get 51% best answer. I dont care how good your answers are.

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