SHITZU puppies with vicious behavior ?

My daughter got a shitzu as a gift he was only 4 weeks when he got here and he was very calm and gentle he is now 6 weeks and growing great however he has a vicious temper and bites everyone who trys to touch him is there something that is causing this behavior ?

several things
1 you got him WAY too young.. he missed the critical socialization stage which is 4-6 weeks – when his mom and siblings would teach him mannars and stuff…

Shih Tzu are typically happy go lucky dogs.. so having a temper is ABNORMAL

shame on where ever you got the pup from.. shame shame shame…

anyhow I dont know how old your daughter is.. but if she is under 14 she probably ISNT the best owner.. people give dogs to kids without thinking that a kid isnt really in a condition where they are fit to be an owner and do owner type stuff… she probably inadvertantly helped create the problem by allowing the dog to do some things early on that should not have been allowed (like chewing on fingers.. biting)

has he been to a vet yet to rule medical problems out???

really 6-8 weeks is normal age for getting a pup… 8-12 weeks for smaller breeds like this.. I am disgusted with whomever sold you this pup

when he is old enough Puppy Obedience classes are a MUST

finally never tollerate this behavior… as soon as the puppy shows negative behavior play time is OVER

First you need to start out with a genetically sound puppy. Sounds like you have one that is timid. This could be a puppy stage or it could be a genetic issue. Taking this puppy through a puppy training and socialization class will help. If this is a genetic issue, the training will manage the behavior but the timidity will always be there. You need to do everything positive with this dog when it comes to meeting strangers and visitors. Do not punish or frighten the dog for cowering or barking as this will make the behavior worse. I would make it a point that this puppy see a stranger every day. The stranger should be a carrier of wonderful dog treats, a toy, and fun. The stranger needs to be a friend of yours that like dogs. Start taking this puppy for walks in the neighborhood. Make sure that this pup is properly vaccinated before taking it out. Do not take this puppy to dog parks, pet stores, etc. until it has received all f the vaccinations in the puppy series. However you can take it out and about with just one injection. You can also take this puppy to your friends’ homes and allow him to play and socialize with nice vaccinated dogs that like puppies.

4 weeks is too young.his mom didnt teach him what wrong and what right, well when a puppy 7-8 weeks is the most important time of their puppyhood because they learn not to play to hared with their teeth when they play with there brothers and sisters. he wasnt taught how sharp his teeth are. so in this case u gotta show him that hemans are in charge not him. if he is so viscious u have to give him food with ur finger to show him that ur in charge and if he bites say no. and leave and come back in a minute or 2. and maybe let him play with another dog a puppy would be the best so he could learn

4 weeks is to young to be away from the mom and the rest of the litter. Pups meed to be with the mom and litter for at least 8 weeks. Even though they are weaned much earlier they need the extra time to learn proper social skills and one of those is not biting others. Pups all go through a biting stage you need to let him know it is not proper behavior and you are not going to tolerate it and there will be concenquences for biting.
He will get the idea. We tell ours no bite and give them a gentle swat. It takes time but they do learn not to bite. It is one of the social skills the mom teachs them and the litter after and durring the weaning process.

i’ve had three shih-tzu’s in my life. One i recently lost, and the two shih-tzu mixes i have now. They seem to be very loveable, playful, and calm dogs who get along with everyone. maybe there is something goin on that is causing the dog’s aggressive behavior. I believe if you treat a dog nice and gentle, then it will be that way. Vice versa, too! if you treat it mean, then it will be mean. Maybe you should take him to the vet to get a full exam done, to see if something is wrong with him.

I would take inventory of the causes that is making him mean.

Your daughter and you need to establish who is the leader in your home. If your puppy misbehaves in any way you need to correct the behavior immediately. My best advice is to make sure the puppy is healthy by a vet and remember they are never too young to train.

I have a shih tzu puppy also. I know that playing to rough with her makes her vicious. Try very gentle playing and teach her different camands. shih tzus are very loyal and loving dogs and want to please, but sometimes when we play with them they can be rough, so just try more tenderness with your puppy and give it alot of love . I also noticed that mine does not like for me to leave her alone, but when I come back to her she gets rough and I start loving on her and she calms down.

Shih tzus are usually loving non aggressive dogs. Your puppy may just be going through a stage. If your puppy bits/nips when touched you may want to take to vet it may bite out of pain. Just stick it out with your pup and correct him/her kindly don’t discipline when your mad.

He is too young to be considered vicious. When he attempts to bite tell him firmly “no bite” and give him a toy or bone to chew instead.

shitzu have nasty little tempers sometimes. roll up a newspaper and tell that dog no bite and show him or her the newspaper and that usually gets the point across. good luck and god bless and happy holidays.

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