Senator Hillary Clinton will not catch Senator Obama in the pledged delegates race. Will the dems unite?

Will they unite around Senator Barack Obama against Senator McCain in November?

Either way it is going to be a Democrat.

That is the only way they could unite. But the longer she stays in and the more “kitchen sink” stuff comes out the less likely there could be a reuniting. But on the other hand, there will be no policy riff, so when and if he does take the nomination the Dems will unite, but the infighting could damage their chances in November.

LMAO … YOU MUST be JOKE … err … must be Joking !!!

Try to HOPE in one hand and SPIT in the other hand !

Which one is filling up the fastest !!

Would a CONTINUAL 20 years of “second hand smoke” have a negative affect on the other people in the area ??

Would a CONTINUAL 20 years of “Anti-American Preachings” have a negative affect on the other people in the area ??

John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, was sworn in as the 35th President of THE United States of America, at noon on January 20, 1961. In his inaugural address he spoke of the NEED for ALL Americans to be ACTIVE CITIZENS, famously saying, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Please NOTICE that it said DEMOCRAT – NOT Socialist and / or Communist Democrat !!

It means this country is only as strong as the people in it. It means get off your a$$ and do something!!!

Long way to go til the DNC. And depending on what happens in the meantime, pledges can be revoked. It is called Politics!

We need to change that. After Mr. Obama’s preacher incident, he has no chance of winning. We need to rally around Hillary who can beat Mc Cain with no problem.

Will not? Is it over? I don’t think its over, but if that is the way it shakes out then forty years of democratic voting will become republican. I could not in my heart of hearts vote for a man did not……..or chose not…….or lied that he did not…….walk away from a situation that demeans our country.

Sure we will. Obama would be a much better president than McCain.

NO. never. Hillary and obama unite?

we can only pray

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