Obama-We have been set up by Republicans and Democrats?

Obama has this BIG SMILE on his face even after he has dropped in the polls.

The McCain camp is NOT celerbrating Obama’s drop in the Polls.

I think We have been set up-Republicans and Democrats are working togather on this one to make sure Obama Wins.

McCain even knows it ,America has been Tricked into…

Write in Ron Paul


well, using the logic of many Dems:

If Bush, Inc. is powerful enough to rig the last election, why not this one. And what better way for a power structure to get an easily-controlled successor than to scour the ranks of those who they have angered the most, for someone hungry for the spotlight, and naive enough to believe that once he gets into office he can do what he wants.

Those who think that Obama is “gonna get Bush and Cheney” have another thing coming. One of Obama’s aides, one of his picks for the Supreme Court, is an individual who fully supports the current administration’s “Patriot Act” with all of its surveillance, sice its inception. Notice that Obama voted to continue this. And notice how Obama was permitted to rally Europeans to fight under him in a continued “war on terror” that he now talks of excitedly. The Military Industrial Complex is powerful, and Obama wants to feel as if he is in power more than anything in the world.

I do not believe that McCain would do something on purpose to “lose,” however. If your hypothesis rings true, he may be doing this because of that hypothesis, because he wants to have a chance to fortify the levee shielding us from the corrupt UN and many other things his father and grandfather would be horrified to see, rather than just sticking fingers in the cracks as much as possible while maintaining a viable voice and position.

This election may be a referendum on us, a test of what we will tolerate insofar as the loss of our sovereignty and self-determination, a test of whether we value image over substance. Whether we will permit the media to dictate to the consumer as to how stories are told and about what and who. And McCain may have a frustrating time dealing with Obama, Inc. in the coming months. But it is a competition, not a done deal.

PS: Oh yeah. There hasn’t been a debate yet.

I’m a republican voting for Obama. A few years ago I didn’t mind him(Mccain) all that much, but he lost me this the past year. I also don’t think Obama is the second coming or anything, but i do think he has the common sense and intellect to make the proper decisions in office. Mccain is all over the place and what finally clinched it was picking Palin.

I don’t think there’s a conspiracy on both sides, to help Obama win. As another poster said, I can’t imagine what the Reps would have to gain by throwing an election.

I have wondered whether the Reps, anticipating that this year was almost a certain loss, decided to toss the ball to McCain. This would likely be his last campaign, so he doesn’t have anything to lose if he’s defeated.

I’ve heard others refer to Obama’s “drop in the polls,” but I haven’t seen it. According to realclearpolitics.com, he’s up to six or seven percent in both the Gallup and the Rasmussen. On average he’s holding steady, or maybe doing a little better than before.

Set up?

I think people looked at the Republicans, looked at the major Republicans running and said ‘Are you kidding?’. So McCain was what was left. This is Bush’s fault. He has destroyed the party. The only way the Republicans can win is by lying – which is how Bush won last time. 80% of the Republicans thought that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9-11 which was why we are in Iraq. So it is only by lying can the Republicans can win this time – McCain is a Maverick, McCain knows something- anything- about national security, Iraq was just joking about time tables – McCain is an intelligent, calm, person fit to be president.

If you mean set up to be assimilated by the new world order, I quite agree. The past few presidents have all behaved suspiciously in my book. We are being herded toward a one world government. See antichips.com

It certainly smells like that.
However, there were some strange ingredients put into the Primary Pot – the DNC and Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, the disenfranchisement of Florida and Michigan and those stupid Caucuses. I think the system is broke.

I thought it was the other way around as Obama looks like Dumbo the Flying elephant..(no pun intended against elephants and GOP`P)

Now I don’t know maybe the Republicans do want Dumbo to win..

I am positive the economy is going lower then whale chit and he dollar will get weaker like my “poor weak sister” but
if you are right then we are all in for a bumpy ride!~P

Hilary for 2012..? mabye you are right..and so what?`~_

I think you’re absolutely correct!

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” — Emma Goldman

I don’t care as long as Obama wins.
:)Vote Obama 08

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