Is this just another yorkie puppy scam?

So basically I found a puppy for free online that someone who lives out in North Dakota is trying to find a home for because they are to busy with their job promotions to give them the care they need. I live out in California. They use to live out here but had to move due to their jobs. The puppy is going to be…

It’s the OLD amd famous Cameroon SCAM. Run far away. There is NO dog!

100% SCAM
There is NO puppy – there is a scammer in West Africa who wants you to send them $95 then more and more fees for a dog that doesn’t exist. Those pictures are stolen off the internet

There is NO company called Jatairway – it does not exist

Why would ANYONE ship a dog from North Dakota to California – they would have NO problem finding a local family who would come pick up the dog from them if it existed.

Need more proof – tell them you need THEIR address because your dad’s company has an office in North Dakota and one of the ladies there has volunteered to go pick up the puppy in person and pay them in cash, and next week one of the people from the ND office has to be in California on business so they will bring the puppy with them in a crate under their seat. Then wait for the excuses

Anytime anyone posts a dog in your city then when you contact them they say they had to move elsewhere it’s ALWAYS a scam. They would have listed the dog in ND if they were really there, not in your city

Honestly this totally smacks of a scam. There are no free-lunches as I’m sure you know, and this isn’t free in any case – you have to pay $95., if nothing else. How are they collecting this payment?

If I were you, I’d run from this one. If you want a puppy, you MUST see the litter with the mum, just for starters. There has to be litters of puppies far closer to you than this one. You’d be far better to take yourself to a local Shelter and adopt from there.


ps I have no knowledge of this particular set-up, but it sounds well off to me. And you should never buy a puppy online, apart from seeing a breeder’s website and taking it from there – VISITING.

Add – Others obviously know this is the Cameroon scam – which I have heard about!


It sounds fishy. If you’re looking for a yorkie to adopt there are hundreds in shelters in california thaty won’t require shipping.

100% scam.Always adopt a puppy from the place where you live.AND $95 – what about the transport and handling ?

Its a scam.

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