Is this a good thesis for my argumentative essay on is physical treatment the answer to child discipline?

I don’t think that physical treatment is the answer at all, here is my thesis :even though many people believe that physical treatment is the answer to child discipline, i believe that instilling rules and giving positive reinforcement are effective methods for child discipline.
help me fix the mistakes

Your thesis statement seems pretty good to me, but it can be even better. You may want to try this instead:

“Although many people believe that corporal punishment helps in child discipline, instilling rules and giving positive reinforcement are more effective means.”

If you ever want to know, corporal punishment is a form of physical punishment used to temporary inflict pain on children without long-term effects. Maybe that’s what you’re looking for. Also, avoid using words such as believe, think and feel in the thesis statement. Remember that in an argumentative essay, it is not based on feelings about the topic being discussed. Another thing to consider is that corporal punishment is “not” always the solution to child discipline. A lot of kids are spanked but still continue their wrongdoing. Therefore, it may be better if you use the word “help” instead because while corporal punishment does not serve as complete deterrence to the naughty ones, it “helps” in reducing the rate at which they are committed. Understand what I mean?

Lastly, I found a minor flaw in the sentence.

“Instilling rules and giving positive reinforcements are effective methods for child discipline.”

You are comparing here a worse and a better form of child discipline, so you may want to add “more” before the word “effective.” Are we clear?

Judging by your thesis statement, I think you need to work on your essay better because you may commit the same mistakes again in the following paragraphs. You can also add another method for child discipline aside from the other two given above.

If you happen to finish your argumentative essay, please let me know. I want to read it.

Good luck!

sure and No, yet for me quite often sure. sure interior the experience that actual medical care is maximum functional. earlier leaping to conclusions, actual medical care includes hugs and cuddling which has been shown necessary for any new child’s psychological and emotional progression. sure additionally by way of fact some toddlers are unnecessarily defiant (including a youthful me). they’re going to proceed being defiant and unreasonably so, so actual medical care has for use to discipline. For extreme circumstances, the new child in many situations already knows suitable and incorrect yet thinks he can harm out with it. Spanking might deliver him lower back into certainty and additionally garner greater appreciate. actual medical care would desire to additionally would desire to be appropriate and respectable, like spanking yet no slapping or hitting. besides the undeniable fact that, no interior the experience that some toddlers do no longer respond certainly in the direction of actual medical care. The docile toddlers who has actual made the errors, if punished so, would create the detrimental consequence of worry and shortage appropriate experience of ethical progression. So my answer is sure and no. and hear whoever you like. do no longer enable Susan stress you to brush aside human beings in simple terms by way of fact her very own conceptual expertise is lacking

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