Is a Toyota 4Runner better than a Ford Explorer for a first car?

I’m looking at first cars and I’m looking at:
2003 Toyota 4Runner Limited V6 with Nav, Leather, Sunroof with 86,000 miles for $13,900
or a
2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer V6 with Leather,Sunroof with 76,000 miles for $11,980
Neither have a third row seat but I really like the Explorer but wouldn’t…

Go with the 4Runner. Even is the Ford was maintained better, the 4Runner will give you less trouble and it’ll have a better resale value. It’s also guaranteed that the Ford will have transmission problems; I think it’s a law or something.

Go with the 4runner. It has much better reliability not only that but 4runners last much longer. The 4runner is also much more safe and can withstand more impact than an explorer. Another reason i would rather a 4runner would be because explorers tend to have problems especially when they have that many miles on them. The 4runner also holds its value better. I would pick the 4runner hands down.

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The better choice would be whichever one has been maintained the best. Which one is in the best mechanical condition? Which one drives better? Which one are you more comfortable sitting in, seeing out of? Which one is cleaner with the fewest nicks, scratches and interior imperfections?

The Toyota will probably hold it’s value stronger simply because it’s a Toyota. The Ford is probably the better truck.

When in doubt go American. As much as it kills me to say this, pick the Ford.

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