Hypothetically… If aliens existed…?

Why the Hell would they want to meet us?
I mean come on… Humanity is completely indoctrinated in Fear… Would the scared masses start a interplanetary war out of fear, Just like every war waged on earth to date?

Im not saying I’ve met any. Im not saying I believe conspiracy theorist. I just wanna know what…

Humans aren’t so bad. A fairly advanced race would probably see us like we see monkeys. We don’t judge them for their temper tantrums and poop slinging, do we?

An even more advanced race might see us like we see insects. And, well, people still study bugs, right?

An even more advanced race may see as bacteria or less.

PS- The problem with considering aliens is that most people have a huge lack of imagination. When they think “alien”, they think of creatures with human-like intelligence with just really advanced technology, like in the Star Trek TV series.

Geniuses see the world in a way completely different from most humans, and they’re actually only somewhat more intelligent, and they’re still fundamentally human. An advanced alien race would be able to expand their own intellectuals billions of times over, so much so that we couldn’t begin to comprehend anything about them.

It’s just silly to think that all aliens have to be human-like creatures with only slightly more intelligence, prospective, and physical abilities.

Since I’m completely open-minded about the subject of aliens and I study UFOs I would say that they would want to come here to study us. Why do we go to space and to visit the planets that we can? To observe. Maybe the aliens think that we are a threat in the near future, like you say we think not with our heads, but our emotions and just as we start war here on earth if we ever get the opportunity to venture into vast amounts of space then we might corrupt space as well which means we not only endanger our lives, but the other beings too. It could be because they want to help us, however, I don’t think it would be to control us. If that was their mission they wouldn’t need to plan it they could just do it and be done with it. I think personally that if there are ‘extra-terrestrials’ out there, that there are probably many different types and maybe they all have different agendas. Only time will tell for sure whether other living creatures truly exist outside of our little world and what their concern with us is.

If aliens existed, who’s to say that their actually smarter than us? Whenever the word extra-terrestrial is mentioned, people often imagine super smart beings, able to travel light years in a second and shoot death rays. But what makes humanity think that where not the smartest race of beings in the galaxy, if not universe? Therefor other races on other planets could be waiting for us to make the first step towards the stars.

Also, earth is approximately 4 and a half billion years old. Mankind is not yet even 100,000 years old. What makes people think that if aliens where to visit us, they would visit us only now? Is it not possible that an extra-terrestrial race stumbled upon earth is its early years, and found nothing but a barren planet containing either no life, or bacteria, thus marking Earth as ether uninhabitable or worthless?

Going back to your question, I personally believe that the only reason aliens would visit us, if they knew we were here and what we are capable of, would be to preform a mass extinction. The human race is like a bacteria, consuming every resource we can get our hands on and destroying environments and perhaps eventually even entire planets.
That, or, as you stated, alien-kind could perceive us as a major threat. Mankind only fears what it does not understand, and when it comes to extra-terrestrials, we are completely clueless. From this irrational fear, we will perceive any alien race as a threat to mankind and, when capable, will make every attempt to destroy them. Of course, there’s nothing to say that aliens experience our fear, and will destroy us for the same reason.

Just a thought.

Thanks for reading.

According to the legends (and there are many) both Biblical and popular, “the Nephelim were on the Earth in those days and after” (Genesis). Other legends claim that the they never left. The legends which claim they never left the Earth are really quite fascinating, given that these particular legends claim that the “rear detachment” of Nephelim remaining on the Earth are here to keep the population enslaved.
The basics of one of these the legends is:
The planet “Nibiru” which is supposedly the home world of the Nephilim has an elliptical orbit around the sun which takes approximately 3600 years to complete. They came here (and before Earth it was Mars) to mine gold (which is supposedly used to maintain the atmosphere of Nibiru). The human population was bio-engineered (using their DNA and the DNA of indigenous humanoid species of Earth) to be slave labor to mine this gold for them (evidence of this particular claim was supposedly found in some ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and ancient Sumerian texts). One modern day fact that might possibly support this is the recent gold seizures around the world (most recently, wtc for example — several hundred Billion dollars worth went missing without a trace). According to modern research this mysterious planet is on it’s way back around to this part of the solar system (some people believe this is what the 2012 prophecies center around). Some people believe that the ‘elites”worship the Gods of the Nephilim and are supposedly the human slave-keepers (or prison guards) of the masses of humans on the Earth. The elitist agenda of depopulation of the human “infestation” that has gone unchecked for the past 3600 years is supposedly in preparation for the return of the Nephilim so there will be minimal human resistance.
(Are You Ready?)
(Biggest gold heist in history)
(New legislation… very strange)
Honestly I could not tell you if any of it is true…
…What I will say is that most Legends, historically,have had some basis in fact.

Let me lay it on the line and talk straight about Aliens and weirdos from space.

In the modern age of the 21stC million of us now have mobile phones with cameras included.

If a space ship landed from some alien world, we would sure as hell know about it. If I got only three seconds of such coverage, it would be on the noooze right now and I would grab my fat fee and franchise it around the globe. yeah!

So let’s cut the crap. There ain’t no aliens.

Okay, so the aliens have this ray gun thing which makes mobile phone cams inoperable. Blah – read the trashy SF novel to find out the rest. . . .

I tend to believe we have been visited. Humans study animals in the wild to extract information and/or prevent extinction, I would assume that humanity would be studied in much the same way. An ant cannot understand how a human exists. Any intelligent force able to visit us would be able to manipulate and effect our being in unheard of, untold, ways that we couldn’t ever imagine. Disturbingly many sane people claim they are being abducted by beings and these ‘aliens’ take their DNA attempting to produce hybrid beings which purpose is to integrate into our society or to try not to become automatons (robot-like and without emotions) their advanced physiology may have bred out most of what we call emotions and they feel it is necessary to acquire the human touch to become better beings in their own society.

I think aliens who can travel the galaxy would come to earth for the sole purpose of installing hidden cameras all around so they can broadcast us in their cable TV. A combination of National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Saturday Night Live. It will be a hit!

Why would they want to?

Just seeing the news about the Walmart employee being trampled to death by pathetic shoppers looking for bargains should be enough to deter any intelligent life form to stay clear from this planet and not associate with the scum that is humans!

If they come here then it should only be with the purpose of exterminating us. One day a real rain will come and wash away the scum off the streets.

Haven’t you answered your own question?

What you’re asking is what reason could there possibly be for Aliens to want to travel millions of light years to come to earth other than just to say hi? Maybe you need to watch some SciFi movies and shows. Either that or maybe you should ask yourself:

If you could travel anywhere in this galaxy and meet other Aliens, why would you and what would you do?

Why do people always ask about aliens? What if we are the first intelligent beings in the universe? Not as in God created us, as in we are the first life. We better start making an effort to show any following species that it isn’t all bad.

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