Would you date a girl who didn’t believe in sex before marriage?

If a girl you liked didn’t believe in sex before marriage, but u didnt share those views, would u date her? What about if she did “other stuff” just not full sex?

yes i would. im not a virgin and i love sex as most other people do but that wouldnt stop me. i do have self control lol. sure, it would probably be fustrating at times but if a relationship was based mainly on sex then its not gonna be a relationship thats gonna last (unless thats what both parties want). if we connected on a personal level i wouldnt even care about doing ‘other stuff’…i could wait until we were married.

good for you though, not many people left waiting til marriage…..then again not really too many people around who have self respect lol.

edit: are u from the UK?? if u are then waiting till marriage is virtually non existent. ive only ever met one person who is waiting.

Im a girl so no. But I have full admiration for girls that do that. I wish I saved myself for marriage. One of my best friends is that way and I have so much respect for her for that. I believe if the guy really liked HER, not just what she had in her pants, he would still date her, and respect her views.


Girls are not all about sex, some guys still believe this. I will date a girl because I like her, I respect her, I feel good about her, but never because I just wnat to have sex with her.

I tried and failed.

The point is to have sex with someone you love. If she’s committed enough to wait till marriage that’s cool, the guy just has to respect that. If he can’t respect that, she shouldn’t be with him.

Boys love blow jobs. I’m sure the guy will live with a ton of head coming his way.

If I felt that she is my soulmate and someone that I was meant to be with then yes I would wait. I am not going to let one thing stand in the way. I would try to convince to get marry asap so we can do the nasty.

if I was a guy I would. I was one but then changed my mind when I fell in love with my fiance who didn’t wait. You never know what could happen.

buy the boyfriend a fleshlight for about $50 online, he won’t be so desperate. tell her to buy a magic wand by hitachi, she won’t need sex even after she’s married…lol

ya i would date her and spend my entire time convincing her of how great sex before marriage is lol

oh shyt yeah! That’s what i wanted to begin with, but i have settle for finding one that will have sex, cause i just gave up. Yeah, id do it.

No I don’t think so. I like blow jobs, and sex with a condom on kind of sucks. But I’d still like to **** every once in a while.

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