Will the candidacy of comedian Stephen Colbert have any discernable impact on the presidential race?


South Carolina always has early primaries. If Colbert does well in *both* the Democrat and Republican primaries in SC, I think there is a possibility he would expand the campaign to the rest of the country. Still, he would not win either party’s nomination – both parties are too corrupt.

Would certainly make it interesting if he wanted to run as an Independent. Then it’d be a matter of gathering signatures in each state to get him on the ballot, although I don’t know what the deadlines are. But we all know he’d get enough signatures to get him added in each state.

He may be our last hope. Go, Colbert!

He will in South Carolina.

Its hard to believe it, but according to Rasmussen Reports, that little retard is pulling double digits in the South Carolina polls – roughly around 10 percent. That would be more than enough to sway a close vote in South Carolina, which is important in the primary because it is an early state.

It already has, and what fun he’s having! And, what fun the Colbert Nation is having! Of course, there is a distinct side-effect in that everybody is now fighting over the state of South Carolina. Who’d a thunk it?

Colbert is scrambling for attention, just like Pat Paulson did several years ago.

It will if I have anything to write in/say about it. The two major parties are destroying our country, and need to be taught a lesson.

I doubt it. Wait till Cartman gets in it.


Only the people I laugh at will vote for him.

yes, he will make people realize how ridiculous most republican candidates are by doing a parody of them.


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