Why is there a double standard between men and women?

2Nite i went to a bar by myself because i just wanted to be left alone. im always out with so many people and i needed a break from them and their bs. im sitting at the bar and this girl invites me to join her trivia team. the bar was giving out free shots for correct answers. we were winning so i both of us did a…

Yes, it does seem to be a double standard. I think it is basically because a woman can not rape a man. Men have no fear of this like a woman does. If I saw a naked man at my door I would be terrified. If a man saw a naked woman at his door he would be thrilled.

I cannot believe the answers here.. you people… you WOMEN especially. Just… wow. America is sick… so sick..

IMO…the essence of the double standard lies in the age old axiom of women and children first. In times of life threatening situations, women and children go first and men are supposed to “take it”.

This answer may be simplistic, but when you think about it, women believe that men are supposed to “take it” when it comes to what women can do at times. You should of responded because she was a woman.

While I am not sexist, and I’d like to believe that we live in an equal society, these things still occur.

Now, personally…I would have gone for it and gave this woman the time of her life…and then never called her again.

Just kidding….maybe : )

It’s OK for a simple reason:Guys like to be touched by women(just about any woman anywhere anytime). Sure there are a couple of guy that want to be ‘left alone’, but the other 99.99999% of guys want to be touched(and have sex too).

And there is the power thing…a woman can’t do much by herself to stop a guy from touching her, but a guy can easily stop a woman

I believe it’s because from the past till present day the mass majority of sexual harrassment, rape, ect. cases deal with a guy doing it to a women, so it’s not double standard it’s like a stereo type and since women have few cases than we get credit or we are aloud to I guess.

females get away with alot of stuff because they are female guys have a hard time because if they complained about some girl touching them the other guys would see it as being gay like whats wrong with joe he should be eating that up or something like that its sad but in the world of man thats how things are looked at

because normally guys dont mind if a girl touches him on the ***…
and if a guy does that to a girl, you are a pervert or a creep just the way it is

and 2 thats the way it has been and always will be

thats like saying, why is that a girl can slap a guy but a guy cant slap a girl, because he will look like a jackass

Whether or not its fair its the way its always been

I don’t think it’s right for a woman to touch a man in that way, maybe she was just REALLY drunk. I think if woman expect men to respect their bodies they should do the same. but I actually like it if a guy was to touch my butt lol…but that’s just me.

are you really complaining that a girl touched your butt? who cares? the reason woman can get away with this is because for the most part they control sex and he who controls sex can do what ever they want.

Oh, you poor, oppressed male. Your life is so hard.

Pardon me while I go complain about how hard it is to be a middle-class, college-educated Caucasian. *eyeroll*

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