Why did bernstein feel ” a sunburst of deliverance” when the atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima?

“The day was August 6, 1945. I was a G.I. who had weathered the war in Europe and now awaited my place in the storming of Japan’s home islands. On Truman’s orders, the first atomic bomb ever wielded in war exploded over Hiroshima. For Americans in uniform and those who waited for them to come home,…

because he was fapping to it

Absolutely necessary? No, World War II was ending anyway, it’s a myth that this ended the war. Did it save lives? Probably, both American and Japanese, conventional weapons kill people too. Was it a good idea? Almost certainly, the Soviet Union would have been first onto the Japanese mainland, not American troops, without a Japanese surrender. The Japanese ‘fighting to the death’ thing is also a myth. Well they didn’t did they they surrendered. The A-bomb gave them an excuse to give up — the Americans ‘cheated’ giving them an honourable way out. But the Japanese forces ‘never’ surrender just like the British army ‘never’ retreats. (It makes a tactical withdrawal) It wasn’t a crime against humanity. The U.S. has been responsible for some such crimes most notably in it’s troubled and violent birth, but Hiroshima and Nagasaki were not when compared with what crimes were actually being committed at the time.

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