Who noticed that Republicans seem madder than ever now Obama won the debate?

Are they getting a little desperate do you think? After all last night was supposed to be McCains one strong point. Now he has shot his bolt.

Well this can only be expected… as allot of GOPer’s posts seem to suggest, they claim that there is no evidence that Obama won… some even claim that the news papers show that McCain won… The fact of the matter is, they are ignorant of the truth this may of been a pattern set by the days of Bush… or it could be seen as a truck stuck in the mud with the wheels spinning full on…

Your data are incorrect. 1820 James Monroe ran unopposed by using the different universal candidate. He gained eighty.6% of the vote, the main by using any president ever, yet once you do no longer evaluate that honest than its the 1920 election gained by using Warren G. Harding who gained against Democrat James M. Cox by using 26.2%. in addition to, calling all of us who does or does not believe a particular political view a racist is very suspect. i’d be greater vulnerable to question such motives. it would seem that by using shouting racist you’re attempting to sidestep interest remote from a greater significant subject concerns or questions. i’m far from being a racist and yet as a mathematician I particularly have some severe questions with reference to the spending that has taken place. The spending is by using no capacity Obama’s on my own. he’s in simple terms making a music an identical music that democrats have sang for it sluggish. He has provided no longer something new in terms of techniques or plans. He develop into in simple terms the single in capacity whilst the each and every of the celebs lined as much as get a majority in the two area of congress. Even then democrats did no longer have the vote and easily replaced the regulations to assist bypass what they needed. in simple terms considering the fact which you have been advised it particularly is a robust theory does not make it so. definite i’m disenchanted approximately him triumphing (no longer something I lose any sleep over) so i’m going to be useful to vote and previous that there is not any longer lots all of us can do.

I’m a Republican and I’m pissed off, but it has NOTHING to do with the debate…The debate was last night, it was fun and now it’s over

The BAILOUTS are what’s important right now!

The Dems need to stop playing games, trying to add a bunch of special interest garbage that has NOTHING to do with the bailout, and stop being so concerned about who’s going to get credit for what.

They need to add the insurance into the deal as part OF the deal and not just an ‘option’ that we know will never be implemented…Dems thought the Reps would be so easily placated…It’s demeaning, disgusting and non-productive.

The Dems need to accept the fact that the House Republicans have a MUCH better plan (that was better thought out, and given more time to develop) that will protect the TAXPAYERS instead of the corporations responsible for this mess, than Paulson’s plan that was written up in desperation and in a big hurry

As soon as the Dems accept the House Republicans’ proposal, this will all be over.

We will NOT accept anything that does NOT support the taxpayers and that will reward the people responsible for this mess, and liberal special interests

Blunt told the Dems that yesterday and again today…Boehner has told them, too…McConnell has said the same thing…Yet the Dems keep coming up with proposals that do not include our provisions, and acting surprised when we keep saying ‘NO’

Why is it that the media spent millions of dollars for scientific ways to measure the debates. By their scientific equipment, McCain won the debate, but not by much. So today Obama won because the talking heads on CNN and BSnbc said so.

I would like to enlighten you. I am a Democrat, and I am voting Republican this year, first time ever. I have been working at Republican Headquarters, for a few months now. In the last two days, we have registered over 1000 Democrats changing their Party to Republican . In the last month that number is over 3000. So If I were you, I wouldn’t get to over confident. Democrats will be the reason Obama loses, because they either won’t vote for a black man, or they just don’t like Obama, for whatever reason. So lets see how that all works out for you. Democrat for McCain/Palin 2008.

Excuse me, but most of the political analysts state that although close, McCain came out ahead. Obama was clearly on the defense more than McCain. Obama had that smirk on his face that all the pundits say he better lose before the next debate because he certainly
did not look presidential.

What debate were you watching? McCain put a serious smack down on Stuttering Barry the Ignorant. That’s why B. Hussein kept on with the uhhhhh, ummmmm uhhhh oh well uhhhhh George Bush uhhhhhh hmmmmmm well the Republicans uhhhhhh mmmmmm hmmmm uhhhhh

Who noticed the democraps are grasping at straws more than ever now that McCain won the debate?

The media say B.O. won but the ‘think tanks’ say it was a draw.
And I believe the educated professors and all them are smarter than even us hill billies.
Educated idiots make fun of my talk too, but I don’t let it get to me. And I likewise am educated, but not in no school.

Which debate was that? Both did well on the one I watched and both highlighted their different approaches as was the point.

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