Which is the proper name YAH vs YAHWEH?

YAH vs YAHWEH which is the proper name and why

Ancient Hebrew was written without vowels. Therefore, no one today can say for sure exactly how people of bible times pronounced YHWH. How ever, should this present us from using God’s name? In bible times, the name Jesus may have been pronounced Yeshua or possibly Yehoshua – no one can say for certain

Yet people the world over today use different forms of the name Jesus, pronouncing it in the way that is common in their language. They don’t hesitate to use the name just because they do not know its first-centruy pronunciation. Similarly, if you were to travel to a foreign land, you might well find your own name sounds quite different in another tongue. Hence, uncertainty about the ancient pronunciation of God’s name is now reason for not using it.

Because they did not know that the letter “J” did not exist until many centuries after the New Testament was written. The name “Jehovah” is an attempt to transliterate the Hebrew consonants YHWH, the sacred “tetragrammaton” that is found in the Hebrew Text which the Old Testament of the King James Bible is based on. As God’s name was understood by Jews to be too holy to be pronounced, the letters YHWH were used, and the word “Adonai,” meaning “Lord” was written below it, or substituted for it, and is generally held by scholars that in time, the vowels from Adonai became inserted into YHWH, the “a” becoming an “e” and the “y” becoming “j” and “v” being used for “w”. The letter “J” did not exist until many centuries after the New Testament was written, and Yahweh is often held to be the more correct attempt at transliteration. However, God does used translations, as the New Testament has words translated into Greek, and the name name that God has declared souls are saved by, baptized by, healed by, and called by, is Jesus Christ, or Yehoshua Māšîaḥ from Hebrew, and Iēsoûs. Khristós from Greek.

Both mean two different things. In the Torah there are roughly 72 names used for the deity.

YHVH [Yahweh] is an unpronounceable name [Yahweh is a very bad attempt at doing so]. Yah is the same deity, just in a less complete picture.

YAHWEH is of course the proper term, but it is often shortened to Yah so as not to use His full Name. Some use it interchangeably.

yah is the same yahweh, this only because of the language differents,but yah we can use in all languages

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