What do you think of the fighting between Rosie Odonlle and Donald Trump?

I think it’s propaganda to promote his show. It really ticks me off that the media would even waste time on such a fluff story. Two big babies with to much money if you ask me.

the publicity folks couldn’t have come up with a better publicity stunt if they had tried and they probably tried to stop donald from replying to her at 1st and now it has turned into a gold mine

Really cannot stand “the Donald” he is just promoting his show imo. I think Rosie should have never said anything, but that is what Rosie does. I personally think the View has done great though with her on it, and for people who disagree look at the ratings!!!

But yes, Donald is keeping it going for his own gain. His show is crap and really shouldn’t even be on TV. Hopefully, when Rosie gets back from vacation she will have nothing else to say…and it will finally end!

Well I’m not to sure if its to promote his show or not….if it is he is sure ticking off alot of people cause hes the one that’s turned it ugly by saying all those nasty things…..I think the Donald needs to shut his trap………hope Rosie don’t lower herself to his level…hope she is the better person in the outcome…..cause lets face it what she said did have some truth….and what hes saying is just bashing………I thought these were two adults……..kids don’t go that fare at all…..just look at him in that interview on the today show…………I wish that lady would have just shut up this is my show and I WILL ASK THE QUESTIONS……..plus he got his daughter to talk like a robot and then his wife…….lordy what could be next…..we will just have to see

I can’t stand Rosie. She is a trouble maker and has no talent at all. All she knows how to do is run her mouth. I hope the Donald does sue her. She should be fired by the View. That show is awful since she started.

As for the main substantial factors, look it up. yet to enable you recognize what no information employer can enable you recognize, that’s with regard to the conflict of two cultural strikes in this usa. human beings that dislike Rosie ODonnells extremely liberalism, and human beings that dislike previous white adult males, to place it interior the least confusing maximum accepted words. Thats a million/2 the explanation this tale maintains to generate interest.

Sure its stupid, but as far as it goes, Rosie opened her piehole first, and Donald retaliated, and I cant stand Rosie so I dont blame Trump for firing back.

I used to like both of them, but they both need to grow up! I can’t believe two adults are resorting to calling names. Can’t one of them be the “bigger person” and just not respond at all? Show some class and dignity. (although, it’s too late for that)

Donald Trump is a pimp.

Stupid.. And she did start it. I say if she dosen’t have anything nice to say about someone don’t say anything at all.. there acting like a bunch of kids.

I just wish Rosie would go away!

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