What Anna Hazare in India is Doing is Right or Wrong?

In my opinion, it is right in certain areas and wrong in many areas .Right for the fact that it is for the eradication of corruption, wrong since corruption won’t get eradicated completely by this bill . It’s really naive to think that one small bill is gonna erase corruption. The principles of the bill breaks the very essence of a country which has a constitution. The constitutional body is supposed to be the higher power. The demands of Hazare & Co calls for a parallel governance. By the way, if the Lokpal Committee is supposed to be the ones looking into charges of corruption and can interrogate the PM himself, what or where is the guarantee that the ones in that Committee aren’t corrupt ?? Corrupt people like A Raja were elected by the people at some point…..

The people who support Hazare ……..does 90% of them know what they are there for or what are the bill amendments ? I don’t think so ……..they saw a few 100 people fed up and affected by corruption, TV cameras and they came along !! Aren’t they themselves corrupt ? Should they really be criticizing Manmohan Singh, a very honest man as far as i’m concerned and someone who repaired the sinking economy of india back in 1990s removing all obstacles detrimental to India’s growth ? It was even shown on news channels how many “crusaders of anti-corruption” are a bunch of drunken f***in jack***es riding bikes at high speeds without helmets through the roads in front of the helpless police, the great escaping tool used is an indian flag and a nehru cap !!! So first up, they should improve upon themselves and if they can’t , just shut the hell up and sit at home rather than being hypocritical losers !

Coming to hypocritical part of Hazare’s team ,not necessarily Hazare himself, at one point of time they ask the BJP and other parties to support them ……..at another point of time,they criticize them and talk foul on them !! Do they think BJP is any better than the present government ??They are seeking a one-minded party like BJP to support them against the much more respectable Congress ! The BJP too had come into power many no of times after this bill was first introduced 4 decades back……..why didn’t they take much initiative other than the one time during 2002 with Vajpayee as PM ?

They portray corruption as the biggest evil……..really ?? What about communalism ? What about Child Labour,which is still quite prevalent despite laws being made against it ? Corruption is one of them, not the biggest as portrayed by Hazare and his team ! Ironically, BJP are the ones who were responsible for some of the most atrocious communal violence in Indian history !!

In a nation which has its soul enveloped in corruption Anna is trying to awaken people to the evil of corruption .He hopes that an honest nation can progress more freely than a dishonest nation.The ancient travellers in India have written much about the honesty and hospitality of the people of India.The recent travellers remember only the corruption and nothing else. It is difficult for Anna because the government and its members are not interested in eradicating corruption at all levels. It is shameful that even the President is under suspicion of corrupt activity in her past. So what Ann is doing is right but there are serious efforts to project it as wrong.

Anna Hazare Intention = RIGHT . His Method=WRONG
He seems to be in hurry so that he can see lokpal in his lifetime but every bill , law is to be decided in parliment not Street If you Dont like there work vote any other party or an independent candidate but if this thing succeed it will start an unstoppable chain reaction of anshans and other protest which will haunt our countries economic and social believes .All the TV channels are supporting for TRP as repoting anything aginst this anshan can backfire and not profitable. Anybody who said anything against Lokpal is considered a corrupt and unpatriotic person. Most people are in ignorance of content of Lokpal, they believe it is a brahmastra which will kill the corruption asura ( Which is Not, Do some research )and blindly support an inhuman method of protest in which you are blackmailing using someones life . anshan is one thing but aamaran anshan is second. Because we are supporting this, many people burn themself during protest considering they are dying for a good cause .

………But people supporting this method will find there excuse that these two methods are different, this is good that is wrong , blah blah blah ……………………………. But its true that government is not doing its work best . Best way to reduce corruption is to improve our judiciary system (Which is full of holes and 150 years old ) so that every corrupt person, Not only ministers but every body who help corruption should be punished . If that happens corruption will disappear starting from bottom to top. JAI HIND

anna hazare is single handedly fighting corruption, he is bravely facing the delhi police and also suffering imprisonment and long stay in jail. He is doing the right thing

Anna Hazare is doing 100% right to save common people who is suffering from corruption Taliwani rule of of present Indian Govt. in Leadership of Congress party. when Parliament has passed a bill for their benefit to increase their salary and other allowance then why not they are passing a bill to save common people who is suffering under corruption of UPA govt.

WRONG & ABSURD. His SECRET AIM is to bring NDA to power anyhow. Inquiries against scamsters are already underway but its speed is low b coz bureaucrates don’t want govt to fall down for mid term election. But Anna wants that only & that’s why he is in hurry so that NDA can VILIFY UPA maximum & come to power b coz, otherwose, that will lose the golden chance of that in present HOT ATMOSPHERE for decades. Anna is INDIRECTLY trying to help them by taking dictations from that only. It is so crystal clear & obvious to understand. He is a DALAL(broker) of NDA.
Tahelka group exposed BJP fully. In CASKET purchase scandal, George & other ministers too took heavy kickbacks. That was the purchase on emergency footing b coz India lost 2,70,000 soldiers in Kargil Conflict in the 77 day war, exposing weakness & preparedness of armed forces. All stocks of caskets in entire Indian artillery were exhausted fast. Anna never talked of those scandals of NDA.

not yet, rather i don,t comprehend this euphoria , after WC win Bharat Ratna for Sachin , think we supply Bharat Ratna to him then what we can see a Bharat ratan advertising pepsi/invertor batteries/Chips/Biscuits…………woul… any clever guy or woman is going to love this………… Now after Jan Lokpal flow you’re advising this for Annaji. shall we glance ahead to the mind-blowing time using fact it rather is barely commencing of the combat against corruption there are various milestones yet left to disguise…………

Left, right and centre of India, billion people feel he is right.

we need to wait and see.

101% right.

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