VW GTI 2010 – a guy car?

I need to choose a car and after trying out a few I think I like the VW GTI. I did a little reading on VW cars and noticed some reliability concerns – not strong enough to turn me away though. Still – are these cars expensive to maintain? I mean I don’t know anything about cars and I don’t want to know…

The GTI is a fun car, well made, and good looking. German cars in general cost more to maintain than most other cars but as long as they’re working correctly, they are excellent.
The GTI is one of the more expensive VW’s to maintain as it has the turbo engine. If you want a slightly cheaper one, you may want to look for a VW Golf with leather- it doesn’t have the turbo so it’ll be cheaper to buy and less complex (cheaper) to maintain as well. They’re the same car in a lot of ways so you’ll probably like it also.
As for guy/girl car? no such thing. VW’s cars are androgynous at worst aside from the beetle. There are a lot of guys who like the GTI because it’s pretty fast and it’s easy to drive hard for not a lot of money but my wife is a VW girl and so are a lot of women. Short answer is the same though- no such thing as a “guy” car.

Im going to tell you about V.W.s. Find another brand of car. If I told you all the stories. The V.W. people would want to sue me. But I would win.

IF YOU like it go for it u could do a lot worse ————-ANY car is expensive to maintain wen they go wrong. if your in ENGLAND go for an R. A.C. orA.A. check cheap at 1/2 the price. WHO nows u may start a trend

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