Spiritually speaking, what’s your favourite song from your most hated music genre?

Great question!!!!!

Disco Inferno!!! By the Tramps.
Although Tina Turner’s version is arguably better…!
You decide…

There are few music genres I hate. American country comes the closest. It is all soppy love songs except where guys like Johnny Cash. So may be one that fits is ‘A Boy Named Sue’

I abhor metal completely. There’s no song that I even remotely like. I also hate country, but I do like a few songs. One’s about an angry whiskey-drinking woman scratching up her boyfriend’s car with her keys, another has ‘spin me like a record’ and ‘crazy on a Sunday night’ in it. They get stuck in my head at work.

Hate most country and bubble-gum pop… but I love just about any song by Martina McBride, and I also love the song “Every Time” by Britney Spears. I’m so embarrassed.


I’m actually a huge metal fan.

Back when Rap was new and still horrible, I used to like The Fat Boys. I don’t remember any of the titles of their songs, and now they’ve all died of cholesterol poisoning and from OD’ing on Big Macs.

Hate country music.

Love Garth Brooks’ “The Dance.”


I hate rap, but I like that slim shady song from Eminem.

idk if I have a “most hated” genre, but maybe a “least listened to”. That’d probs be some type of heavy metal, or maybe black metal. My favorite black metal song is probably Drudenfu├č by Urfaust. This is really difficult to answer!

hmmm..torn betwixt two genres…

Country/Western: “Yesterday When I Was Young”…Roy Clark
Rap/Hip Hop: “Gangster’s Paradise”…Coolio

Christian drummer/percussionist:…I mean,I don’t hate Christian drummers..I am one..lol

I hate pop music/techno pop girl songs.

And yet they came up with this…I’m hooked…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sib2L6A6x…

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