Should Saddam Hussein be hung?

no, dont hang the bastard do what he did to all the other poor sods he murdered,tortured,and raped.

And yes President Bush and the members of the PNAC should be turned over to the International Courts in the Hague for crimes against humanity also. Illegal war if some of you start to research the PNAC who’s only purpose is global domination and make corporate America richer while the rest of you Americans go further in debt to to the greed of the rich.

One day some of you might realize the truth behind the region of the Middle East and the garbage that the CIA did to satisfy the needs of Corporate America. Putting in the Shaw of Iran in 1953 as well as backing of Sadam Hussein into power in the 1970’s. What go’s around and the United States is getting their coming around with what they created in the first place.

Some of you better realize that the United States will end up in the toilet economically if they keep on the same course. The only losers are the average Americans and the rich could give a crap about the rest of you.

No he should not, B liar and Bush have used mirrors and smoke screens to nail Saddam.
Blair lied in the first place to allow us to invade Iraq and once a liar always a liar.

I believe that Saddam Hussein is not being hung for the atrocities
but to allow Bush control over the oil by getting rid of Saddam Hussein and putting a puppet president in his place.

Saddam should definitely be punished because his crimes are are horrendous and so vicious. The fact is his dictatorship caused so much suffering for all members of Iraq and the end of opens a new door. As an Iraqi, people just want to move forward and live in peace. The question is if he should be hung and in my opinion the quicker the better. It is really the end of an era!

Most certainly not. He was tried by a kangaroo court using a victor’s judiciary. We invaded Iraq on the basis of their having weapons of mass destruction – none of which were found. Therefore the USA and UK should also be on trial.

Hussein is not a good man, but he deserves a fair trial. The International Court at The Hague should have been used.

Christianity believes all should have a chance to ask forgiveness for our sins-even the worst murderer. If we aren’t merciful then why should God be merciful to us because we have all sinned. I know Saddam wasn’t merciful if we are to believe the media but why should we stoop to his level and kill someone. So no he shouldn’t be hanged.

No …I am against the death penalty,so I don’t think killing him is the right thing to do…
Yes,Saddam is guilty of many things,including murder,but he would have deserved a fair trial,not the play put in scene by a court that is a marionette of the US…

No. He’s one of the great tyrants. Someone we’ve all been awed with in the past. Put him in to exile in a security compound.. not luxury.. but with the basics like newpapers/books/tv and 3 meals a day. 1 hour of Iraq’s oil production can pay for all this.

+ There were no WMDs as in the USA’s / UK’s pretext for invasion.

No, the death penalty issued by an Iraqi or U,S. court will only cause more U.S. trrops to be killed or injured. The death of Sadam Hussain’s sons may be responsible for the present chaos-

Nope. He’s got a better policy than Bush. Also there was no sectarian violence during his reign. It’s worst off now.

They should put him in a huge blender, along with Bush and his pets Blair and Berlusconi.

That I’d call Good Riddance.

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