Poll: is America the only country in the world that?

Spells color without a u as in colour?

the brits, aussies, and canadians spell it with the u.

we also refuse to use the metric system
we write our dates as month/day/year
we don’t have healthcare

and we do everything backwards

you’re American so which you’re able to think of that. in step with threat you rather do think of it yet I guess which you have been instructed to assert that your finished existence. Like a mantra. what’s so super approximately u.s.. you do not have unfastened healthcare or extra preparation, you have severe crime rates, weapons, no longer a brilliant preparation equipment, you do no longer gets a commission day off artwork (uk we get 4 weeks, needed), the dying penalty… Of corse there are various great things approximately u.s. too, yet there are additionally great things approximately different international places. i could % to renowned – what fairly is it approximately u.s. that makes it extra desirable that the different u . s .?????? And while you’re an American – have you ever certainly been to a diverse u . s . earlier?? maximum English, French, Australians, regardless of would not say ‘England (or regardless of) is the terrific u . s . interior the international’. we don’t would desire to. we’ve not been forced into asserting all of it our lives. for this reason we are no longer very nationalistic, yet we are chuffed voters. Funnily sufficient, a rustic under dictatorship (North Korea, old China and u.s.) ought to assert this however. via fact they have been brainwashed into believing it. and that they do no longer % to dissapear interior the evening. individuals would not dissapear for asserting ‘i do no longer agree that u.s. is the terrific’ yet they might ruffle some feathers… some similarities? i’m basically asserting…

I’m not sure, but I have a feeling there might be at leaf one other country that spells words more like we do in the US than like they do in the UK, etc.

We’re the only ones that spell it correctly!

We might be. Adding the u is a waste of space and time. We also do not talk funny, you know, the arrogant, screw up your mouth, full of sh!t sound.

howdy neighbour

Well, we Americans don’t like you.

….er, we don’t like U.

And “flavour” too.

it’s cuz’ we’re lazy

I think so :/

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