Now swine flu is level 5, will we have to stay in our homes when it reaches level 6?

The swine flu has recently been upgraded to phase 5 of 6, apparently a worldwide pandemic is imminent according to the World Health Organisations Website, im scared. Will we have to stay in our homes when it goes to level 6??? They never said anything about this on the WHO…

phase 5 jus t means that its in half of the regions of the earth but look
ho many people have it in the united states only a lil bit but its thers so thats the united states region and there less people with it in canada but they do have it in canado so thats another region and mexico has a lot so thats another region so thats like half of the earth even dought its not half of the people or

like if there was one peron in the united states one peron in mexico and one person in canada that would mean that theres swine flu in half of the earth and phase six is that the entire world has it

There could be many possibilities. Some schools closed down b/c one person “possibly” had this flu.. so if more people have it, summer vacation can start early for the little kiddies? Everyone will probably have to wear masks.. You just have to sort of try really hard to prevent yourself from getting infected w/ it. Just be really hygienic.. I’m just worried to give up a lot of things.. Going to the mall would be impossible, how will we go out and buy food?, how can we ever go on vacation to the beach, amusement parks, and travel outside of country?? We’re gonna be like prisoners. I hope this doesnt turn into a nightmare

The pandemic rate I believe is a precautionary measure. Un like the six categories of hurricanes. I don’t think the death rate (which is currently only like around 10%, all I of the deaths I believe have been Mexican) is even taken into account in the WHO’s phases.

You’re supposed to avoid crowded places, even now. That does not mean you can’t go outside your house, but try to avoid walking around Times Square. If you need to, you might want to wear a respirator.

I’m scared, as many other people are.
Maybe they’ll close school for a while.
Other then that, I agree, don’t take a trip to time square!

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read this e alert about swine flu

I’d wait until you get instructions from your local authorities. Meanwhile go grocery shopping and take your vitamins. Might as well get some masks too.

Mostly try to avoid crowded public places.

watch the news, that might say some thing also get those mask things

im not sure maybe but if i spit blood and taste blood does that mean i have it im worried

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