My gf is going away 4 the week and we tell eachother we love one another all the time but today was different?

When I told her that I loved her she said I love u2…then I asked always and 4ever? Which she usually says yes but this time she replys I don’t know anymore I feel like i’m being pressured and I need some time to think..which was very strange to me cause shed never mention she was being pressured I…

that isnt a reason to jump to the conclusion she wants someone else.
Maybe she is just going through a phase or something, and she really does feel pressured. If she really does love you then this week she is gone and has time to think, she’ll realize how much she loves u. It will make her miss you and once shes back bring you closer together.

I think you are just thinking way too much. Calm down and relax. Allow your girlfriend some space and time to think over her life. She loves you and you should be fine with that answer. The vacation will relieve her “stress” and “pressure” of this moment. But she’ll also have time to think of things over as well. So calm down and chill.

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