McCain: Social Security funding now `a disgrace.’ No duh? Comments?

By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer
Wed Jul 9, 5:28 PM ET

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio – The system for funding Social Security is “a disgrace” because it forces young workers to pay into a program that is unlikely to benefit them in its current form, Republican presidential candidate John McCain…

Social Security needed to be revamped a long time ago. Too many fingers in the pot for special interest have weakened what Social Security was meant for.

I personally don’t think taxing the wealthiest is going to get us out of trouble. Take Texas as an example. They have waved a lot of taxes for the rich and businesses and that is one of the few states that is thriving at the moment. You want to encourage growth not stymie it.

Social Security wouldn’t be in trouble if we treated our poor & middle class much better. Higher pay (among other things) for these workers would generate more Social Security funds.

Social security should be reformed gradually into an investment account. If all the money I have put into social security had been invested at a mere 5% return I could retire at the age of 55. But the libdems raided social security so they could fund their socialist programs.

Yeah, invest it so when the market crashes there will be even MORE people worse off than they currently are? I DON’T THINK SO!

The market is funny money and is in the process of falling flat, very, very soon. That is the only reason why Bush wants this to happen. Don’t believe me? Just watch…within a year the stocks will be well under 9,000, if not lower.

I think all Rep’s views on SSI is so bad. It is like every thing else they do, pits one side against the other side. It will never past and McCain knows it. He’s just taking bull crap. But they are taking away a lot of things from the elderly one at a time.

Where’s Al Bore’s lock box?

I’m not voting for either of them. I’m voting for Bob Barr. People have told me that it’s a waste to vote for a 3rd party candidate, but I think he’s a good man. Therefore he deserves my vote regardless of the odds. But I do think anyone is better than McCain, and I’m a Republican.

“Obama has suggested a new Social Security tax on all income above $250,000”
that seems good to me

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