John Cena should enter the rumble as no.1 and win Royal Rumble 2010 & challenge Taker at WM 26 : Yay or Agree?


This song will be played by the end of Royal Rumble 2010:…

Yay AND agree!

It would definitely set the stage for the most epic match in WWE history. I mean, forget Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant, I think that if this match went down in the way you outlined, it would, regardless of who wins, be the defining match of this generation.

I mean, this would truly be the irresistible force (Cena) vs. The immovable object (The Undertaker). Let’s say Cena, superstar of the year for 2009, multitime WWE and World Champion, the guy who beat the current WWE Champion in seven minutes (before Sheamus got himself DQ’ed), the guy who destroyed CM Punk AND Randy Orton, two other superstar of the year nominees, in ONE NIGHT, enters the Royal Rumble, basically WWE’s sounding board for who’s going to get a massive push, at the number one spot, wins the Rumble and then goes on to main event Wrestlemania? Talk about huge.

Now, match that up against The Undertaker. He’s constantly booked as and reffered to as the greatest WWE star of all time (or right near the top of the list), and in recent years his entire character has revolved around his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. That streak, love it or hate it, has been built up as the most hallowed and revered accomplishment in the business, something that many believe will NEVER be broken. It’s pretty much taken on a life of it’s own, especially since it started to mean something and The Undertaker began facing real opponents who could test it. Nobody, not Batista, not Edge, not even Shawn Michaels or Triple H, could offer the type of drama and suspense from a streak match than John Cena.

Let’s face it, John Cena is really the final frontier. He’s the only one with a legitimate shot to win who hasn’t faced the streak yet. With age and injury finall catching up to The Undertaker, who knows how many chances WWE will have left in the future to capatilize on a chance like this? I mean, Wresltemania is well over a year away and with The Undertaker in great shape physically right now, why would you want to take that risk by delaying a match with Cena another year?

This is the year to do this, this is the year to make this happen. And I’ll be there to see it all live. I can’t wait.

I disagree. Cena already got to main event wrestlemania i dont know how many times. He needs to give someone else a turn. I really hope Edge returns and wins the royal rumble.

Nope or Nyay it won’t happen. WWE is not stupid to put Cena in the middle of the poster and make him win Royal Rumble twice. The winner must be a surprise and at the same time veteran in WWE.

That’s pretty possible but last time I checked, John Cena lost to Randy Orton in a triple threat also involving Kofi Kingstton. I know that he never got pinned but yes, he lost, L, O, S, T LOST! John Cena’s winning streak is over now.

How about,Nay and Disagree,and try someone else to face Undertaker,instead of John Cena.


John Cena should not win the rumble this time.

I actually think this may be possible even though I don’t like Cena. If WWE ever decides to end Taker’s streak it would be Cena that does it. I REALLY hope it doesn’t happen but you never know. I would like to see Taker retire being undefeated at WM.

hey the “true clown prince of crime” didn’t I saw at the playground last sunday?

WOOOOOOOOO….John Cena who looks like clifford the dog with his hat on, is that who you talking about…the guy who has four moves and pretends to have a thick voice…mr birthday party entertainer?

do you know wrestlers like EDGE???
I don’t think so now why don’t you check his tribute on youtube and you will understand why he’s the best today in this business and why he’s gonna win THE F****** ROYAL RUMBLEiiii

if you think that then we might aswell get our hopes up of cena beating taker at WM 26

i do… NOT agree. I don;t like the way cena wrestles. he’s a good person, just not good wrestler

naaaaaaaay! i hope cena enters first and gets eliminated first

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