Isn’t it strange that people who believe in God spend so much time talking about people who don’t?

It’s almost something of an obsession.

No. What’s strange is to pretend that we don’t like interacting with each other. After all, if a user has been here any length of time, they know the score, but they keep coming back, don’t they.

I like how you turned it around on them though, nice.


A lot of them belong to religions that say the world will be perfect as soon as everyone believes exactly the same thing. So they need to promote the religion to bring about the end of the world. Somehow the end of the world is a good thing.

For some people,
religion is their obsession.

Some are just more obsessed than others..

i don’t know if you’ve considered this….but this IS a religious forum. what is curious to me is why so many people who don’t believe in god would want to troll here. in that light, we should all note that it is very strange that people who don’t believe in god spend so much time talking about people who do. that is the reality of the situation. have a nice day. : )

I think it is strange that people who don’t believe in God worry so much about what others believe in. I think it would be considered an obsession.

who wouldnt want to spread the word of God? I mean, God is just like, amazing. I guess it’s just that we want to make everyone experience the feeling it is to “BELIEVE.” Knowing God is real and that he loves you is just the beast feeling in the world, and yes we want to share that!

Not strange at all. Maybe it’s because they’re concerned about people who don’t. Hell is an eternity.

Yes, and Obsession is a perfume and too much of it just stinks, like those “so much time talking about” people.


No. When people have a weak belief, they often seek validation. The weaker the belief, the more validation they need.

Well I can’t blame them. I’m so awesome that I can’t stop talking about me either.

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