Is Paranormal Activity real or fake?

Like Bloody Mary i saw her in the trailer, Horror movies has been my passion btu this 1 is so different im liek litterly Terrified…BY JUST THE TRAILER, i dont wanna see all 3 just the 3rd i mean i seen Friday the 13th Halloween(Micahel myers) Grude but this Paranormal activity, its different so is all the…

fake… and not that scary

Yes Paranormal Activity 1,2&4 is fake BUT this event must have took place


lol the affect the first one had on me was a little like yours. the movie’s style and approach was something i’ve never seen before. so when i came home i didn’t sleep for hours, and i was extremelly paranoid, it scared the crap out of me. what you do have to realize is it is FAKE. lmao, reality will hit you sometime after watching it and you’ll realize it’s not likely. i think it was the 2nd fim that they started viewing the credits at the end. closest thing or experience i can relate paranormal activity to is sleep paralysis, and thats only cause i have it, you dream when your awake, and always have that feeling of fear, of a presence taking over your body.

i say just watch it. it gives you a fun thrill, watch with other people who havent seen it, makes it mmore fun. 🙂

Looks real huh? But no, paranormal activity is fake

If it were real, they wouldn’t be showing it in theaters for entertainment; it would be all over the news that there were proof of ghosts/demons.

They can be real, not if for entertainment. I’ve watched those paranormal activities involving real people (not celebs).

It’s a movie… So it’s fake

Yup! Fake! Wish it was real;)

fake and dull

super real bro

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