Is it worth paying the price of happiness for intellectual honesty?

Theists may follow a religion that is false but it gives them happiness.
Atheists may reject religion and god but for that they may pay the price of happiness.

Gross simplification – plus happiness really is meaningless and too vague to be defined, but please for the sake of the argument do go along with my…

I think atheism is born out of disillusionment – not honesty. They don’t even have a theory of how the universe got started yet feel compelled to criticize those who do.

But I certainly agree with your observation that religious people are happier than atheists in general.

£3,000 for a (so-called 3 bed roomed) house. The third bedroom JUST fit a baby’s cot and the toy box. Interest rate in 1970 was 15% when we agreed the deal but was 15.5% by the time the second instalment was due and went up to 17% a little later. Our payments were £19 per month initially but we had to add to that each time there was an interest increase. That was quite a frightening time and we really struggled. With a toddler and a new born baby there was no way I could earn any money for quite some time. Child care, like many mums can use now, did not exist. In those days we could pay extra some months (for example if my husband had done overtime) and we did that when it was possible. As the years went by and £19 was not such a big portion of the money coming in, we increased our payments regularly and this took several years of the period of the loan. If you do that these days there is a huge penalty to pay for clearing the loan early.

Not all theists are happy by any means. And from my own experience, I would say most atheists are pretty happy. So even granted the “for the sake of argument” clause, I can’t see what your point would be.

Fact is, intellectual honesty is worth plenty. A person who suffers from cognitive dissonance does indeed suffer. If you try to hold two contradictory beliefs at once, your stomach starts to knot up whenever either one of them reaches conscious thought. You end up having to push things out of your mind while having to recognize them enough to push them.

Like the kid who wants to believe in Santa Claus a little longer so Mom and Dad will continue to put things under the Christmas tree for him. He knows what he’s really doing is pretending to believe, but he also knows that is dishonest, so he tries to make himself believe.

It doesn’t work. Once you know something is a myth, you can’t go back to believing it is real. The most you can do is pretend.

How silly!!

So atheists that have open minds can examine and deal with doubt and uncertainties and get over them should be less happy than Christians that by the evidence of their posts on here are weighed down by their doubts?!!

Science has shown atheists have a higher intelligence than people with a strong religious faith. The difference is 5.8 points according to findings in developmental psychology!!!

More members of the “intellectual elite” considered themselves atheists than the national average.

Only 7 percent of members of the American National Academy of Sciences believed in God. Whilst only 3.3 percent believed in God in the UK’s Royal Society.

Several Gallup poll studies of the general population have shown that those with higher IQ’s tend not to believe in God.”

Evolution in action with Christians getting left behind like the monkeys and apes before them!!!

As it says in the book of Jerimia ” thought wilt pay with thy blood for eternal happiness”

I wouldn’t call living in fear of hellfire happiness. Nor all the guilt associated with religion.

Since this question stares with a False Premise, its conclusion is equally false.
Please provide your evidence that greater knowledge must lead to lesser happiness. No evidence offered ? Factless claim fails.

Ignorance is bliss, and that is a Biblical concept. Solomon wrote it somewhere in Ecclesiastes.

I’d rather have the honest truth than a pleasant lie.

I’ve never met a christian that seemed even remotely happy.By and large,they are the most miserable people on the planet

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