Is it normal for teen guys to want to wear thongs, panties, etc?

I know guys talk about them a lot I do and I have always wondered what it would be like to wear panties I’m 15 if that helps

Is it normal? No – but who cares? Since when is it important to be completely “normal” and who defines “normal” anyway? If you like them, go ahead a wear them. Is your underwear selection hurting anyone? Is wearing a thong going to cause you to go to hell or something? I think not. Wear what you want and don’t bother with what the rest of the world defines as “normal.”

If you want to wear thongs, I highly recommend you look into men’s thongs. They make very good ones online that are designed to fit the male anatomy. They have many different cuts, fabrics and styles – some of which are very similar to women’s if that’s what you are into. Thongs were first designed for men, and men have been wearing thongs for thousands of years. It’s only been the last 30 or so years that the thong has been regarded as women’s wear – 30 years compared to thousands…so what’s normal??

BTW – I wear thongs, and I’m 100% straight (married) male. I wore my first one in college, a little older than you, but not by much.

It’s a matter of personal opinion. There are a lot of guys that do try them and are fond of them and wear them everyday. So it’s up to you if you wear them or not but just be comfortable doing what ever you decide to do. Like I personally wear thongs, ones made for men and women, and they’re really comfortable in my opinion and it’s a personal choice I made and I’m happy that I did.

Well, go buy some panties and thongs and give them a try. You may like the feeling, fit and feel or you may might not, but you won’t know until you try them.

Ya it perfictly normal! girls wear boxers all the time, so why cant we wear their underwear? i have been wearing thongs for about aayear and im 16, and i dont think its weird. But if someone sees you wearing one they might think its kinda weird. But dont let what society thinks is weird control yout life, if you want to wear panties go for it bro!

No. Talking about them yeah, that’s normal. Wanting to wear them is like taking a step on the fem train.

It’s a good question

not normal but it happens. there actually comfy but ppl are going to look at u weird just to warn u

yes its normal.. people can do as they please don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want. Just don’t do something that’s illegal.

No not really but if that’s what they are into then it’s their decision

knot at all

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