IF homosexuality is a sin. Why is it not a part of the ten commandments?

How do you know that the people who wrote the anti gay things in the bible were only reflecting the culture and society in which they live in?

Why did God not put it in the 10 commandments?

Please note that this question is only addressed to those ‘christians’ who believe homosexuality is a sin. It…

You’d have to ask God, not us.
I can honestly say that homosexual acts can not fulfill God’s command of “Go forth and multiply”.

Homosexuality is a sexual sin and within the equal class as a heterosexual who lusts after others. The thing that’s extraordinary nevertheless, is that when I lust after a girl, I make an apology and take a look at to vary my approaches. Folks undertaking homosexuality do not repent due to the fact they don’t see that what they’re doing is mistaken. Also, there are a quantity of commandments God offers us external of the ten commandments. And no longer simplest is homosexuality mentioned negatively in the OT, it’s also completed in Romans found within the NT. Sin can also be committed in thoughts, movements, or phrases. We can additionally sin through omission by means of now not doing the matters that God does call us to do, so it’s not all about acting it out. Ultimately, the intent homosexuality is brought up so much is due to the fact it is without doubt one of the scorching themes in our tradition today. We see it for the period of our society and the special views folks have on it. So naturally, individuals wish to ask questions on it on right here, which is why it’s mentioned usually. If you’re fascinated about other commandments, publish these and i’m definite you’ll get responses on them as good.

dude ! there 613 commandments in the old testament. alone.
i can get you a list of another 50 commandments in the new testament.

a man once said, where there are ten commandments you will find 50, and where you find 50 you will find a hundred.
i am pretty sure that God lives by a thousand commandments that we dont even know of.

Believe it or not there is a lot more rules in the bible than the 10 commandments

Look the Bloke only had a Limited time to Scratch Ten Commandments Let alone everything else and beside it was added to the Bible and as the Westboro Baptist Church is following the Bible Truthfully. Even though it is an “Edited Incomplete and Bastardized Book of Fantasy” and if waiting for a True Miracle. Then let it be the Gospels that were Destroyed, Edited, Suppressed, Lost and Bastardized be Resurrected, Found, Restored to their Original Text

Homosexuality is no more a sin than bestiality, pediphilia , necrophilia or any other sexual deviancy, the ten commandment contains the whole law, you can call yourself anything you want and do whatever you like but if want to please God and enter into his kingdom you must follow his rules only

Genesis 2:21 is where God made Eve. God made a man and a women so they may have recreate and duplicate. why does a man have a penis and a women a vagina, so the man may have sex and create children. that is why God first created man and women. verse 24 says that a man and a women shall become one, he never said a women and a women, or a man and a man. but a women and a man. how will a gay or lesbian make children? that is why God intended a man to have a penis and a woman for a vagina, its like a battery and a battery compartment, they are made for each other and wont work if you mix them up

there are 613 commandments in the Old Testament. the most famous ones are like a Top Ten list.

The Ten Commandments are guidance on how we should live our lives. They aren’t a list of sins.

The Ten Commandments were taken from the Egytian book of the Dead,where you will find over one hundered laws.
They were stolen by Moses.They were not given to him by a God on Mt.Sinai.
By the way Mt.Sinai is in Egypt.
I know you addressed this to Christians.I am not one.
Christians twist every thing to suit themselves.
Youre not commiting any sins,just be happy within yourself.

Apparently, it wasn’t that big of a deal in the older times, so they just put it on one of the old testament books.

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