I wrote this poem…do you like it? Feedback please!?

This is a poem about my best friend who recently passed away when she was 13. I am now 14. I miss her VERY much. Feedback please! Thank you so, so much.


A lullaby
Humming in my ears
It’s not a peaceful
Blissful tune
But a reminder to me
That you left too soon

A lullaby
That reminds me of…

1 word:


now three more:


In scientific college they had to take notes incredibly speedy. turning out to be to be a doctor isn’t that easy now, the linked fee of their writing messep up their handwriting and that they do no longer care approximately it after turning out to be to be a doctor.

it is AMAZING!!
i mean you explained so much
in the simplest possible way.
but there is deep meaning behind these words.
i really liked how you ended the poem with a ‘do
you hear it to.’ its really deep and i can totally feel what
you are saying.

This is an amazing poem. Please keep writing more. It’s so deep, and profound. Wow… Great Job!

I’m sorry that happened to you.

Umm… I’m also your age and I just wrote a poem. Read it please?

It is truly amazing, fantastic, fantabulous, cool, brilliant, outstanding, tremendous, beautiful, NO WORD’s. I think you should submit it to a newspaper and they’ll print it for you if they like it.

awww i’m so sorry about your loss
but that was a nice poem that i’m sure the person whom you’re writing it for, would enjoy.

wow… all i can say is wow it sounded very profound very nice

It is beautiful….
I am sorry for your loss.

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