I found out that my new boyfriend is a CRIMINAL, he is breaking the law should I call the cops on him???!!?

My new boyfriend who moved in a week ago (with five suitcases not to mention-who has that many ??) and I thougt everything was fine until I started hearing rumers about him. At first I thougt maybe it was win he was a juvinile…”?” But then I find out he goes out sometimes with his friends and they steal…

Dear young friend.Deep down you know the right thing to do ! It’s hard because seems the heart is the ruler of our common sense and what we learned growing up, knowing and doing whats right and whats wrong when it comes to love . Especially new, fresh love. I’m sure at this point its still over whelming, you cant see enought of each other. And he’s still all that in your eyes best guy thats ever come along and you will probley nerver meet another thats as good looking and treats you like a princess ! And here’s another thing I would damn near bet my life on… being the gansta soldierboy playa wantta be that he is supposed to be and you his little soldier girl… That excites you so much and it puts you into a little different class of future hoodrats! You truely don’t want out !! Your just putting the “look at me question” out there to get a little more attention. Hey look at me ! I’m a little soldier girl , and he ‘is my rough and tough , want to be gansta soldier boy ! Your future nightmare !!!! And he is ALL YOURS!! I am 44 yrs. old. Believe me I have been there, done that !! The start of my journey at 16 was not my choice ! But the path I chose and the walk I walked was the best I could do . The people I hung around were the ones that let me in. My path was servivel . That started me on my way with the “man type” that you need to separate yourself from and need to avoid for the rest of your life ! Install traits in your children so they do not hang out, turn out, or ever needing to turn to these type of people for a shoulder to cry on or someone they can talk to. You have a choice ! Make a smart one ! A safe one ! A healthy one ! Even to this day ! I attract bad news and I guess according to an artical I read I am addicted physically to bad news !! Can’t escape it !! Soon if it hasn’t started already, ( you know) because it does not take long. Some within weeks not months . The only tough you are going to start seeing from “All that” gansta soldier boy, will be to you !! First maybe money issues, or maybe the jealousy BS you no is not true that he accuses you of. Searching your phone questions where you been with who. Then start the money controll. Hand it over stuff. Slap here and there to force you to believe his lies. Where the money went, or, to think hes throwing you off on where hes been and with whom… you’ll be monotered 24/7 by him or he’ll make you think his little thugs got there eye on you for him. Then might take your cell phone, if he don’t have a car soon he’ll be sole driver and shouffer shuttleing you to work and back while he is out husstling all day. (yea right) You’ll will start getting cut from comunicating with friends and family. Just one question..one look.. one hint hes lying, cheating, using, or just f..n off… Your true nightmare begins !! At this point more time has passed you’ve been sucked in and in his full control and You love him that much more even though he has treated you so ruthless and without one iotta of care or concern for you..You’ll think its just hard times we’ll get through this . He’s not always like that to me he had a bad day. You will find yourself defending him to your family and friends making excuses for him for the way or things he’s done to you or the bind he has gotton you both into. But you know it’s all your fault not his.. And deep down you love him so much your thinking to yourself… “when he’s good to me he’s so good the best anyone has ever been to me !! Ill never find anyone who loves and treats me so good like he does when he is in a good mood !!! How am I doing so far !!! I know it’s already started !! Or you wouldn’t have reached out . And it’s not the breaking of the law he’s doing that got you reaching that’s just the frosting he’s adding to top off the full blown night mare he also brings to your little world of taking you down with him. Guilty by association !!! It does not get better it does not change til arrest or death ! It will go down hill And get so much worse. Break the cycle now because each new man you meet your trying to escape with your life from the last bad man. the new one sees you coming know where youve been. And he is so nice and better looking then the last its a miricle you hit pay dirt and did better then then the last one . Don’t let the good looking mr nice guy that rescued you and saved the day fool you, He’s going to be worse to you then the one you just escaped from with your life. It’s always a right now is my chance escape. the next one sees you coming a mile away.who you think you kidding . A good looking gentle,all that kinda guy, single and available for a move in. Not likely in the real world. Must be a reason. More then likely its not because the spouse passed or the wife cheated on her sexy good looking all that husband . Me many broken bones faced caved in skull fractured, no car no job no home no kids ar family or friends all im left with is pictures and alittle bit keep sakes of kids @2x3tub thats 1 1/2 deep all i have t show at 44. @ 5 yrs ago had new car $18 hour job family friends children, Home and could furnish a 3 room home and fill garage . I started at 16 picking change off street to buy 25 cent peanutbutter bars. Then meet my new friends without them I would never made it back home for short visits. When your 16 and get arrested they call parents since they responsible for you you go with them or fostercare ar halfway house for juvies. Please don’t let your heart make one bad decision that could effect the rest of your life. SEE THE BIG PICTURE !! See yourself with that person in 10 yrs from now ??? If you dont then dont have to see him now either. Have friends with you 24/7 to keep you apart til the bond is broken !!! It’s the rest of YOUR life not his !! YOU REACHED not him !! I heard you . Please hear me. His choices he is making is not in yours or his best interest. I gets worse not better !! You will always be in my thoughts and I wish good things for you in your future!!

If you know about it and do nothing to stop it (report it to the police), you will charged right along with them if they get caught. And if you think they wont all turn you in just for being the girlfriend, you’re wrong. When someone is faced with a felony, they will do anything to reduce the sentence, include rat out innocent people. Just the fact that you live with him will make you look like you knew about it, and the cops will not go easy on you.

Get a lawyer now, you’re going to need one eventually anyways. Have the lawyer set up a date with the police to tell them whats going on and give you some sort of protection.

Wow, you are caught between a rock and a hard space!!!! But you should call the police, anonymously, of course!!!!
I hate to say it but 3 1/2 months is too soon too move anyone in if you have a child. Take you time and truly get to know the person first. But…..we’ve all made mistakes.
Please make sure this guy is out of your house today!!!! Don’t waste another moment protecting your child!!!!!
And you also have to protect yourself. But. don’t be too hard on yourself. You didn’t choose for him to be a criminal and you didn’t know anything about it, so you’re in the clear. Write him off and start over again!!!!
Good luck and God bless!!!!

You can’t call the cops because all you have is rumors. Cops don’t like to act on rumors.

Tell him to leave. If he won’t leave, then call the cops and tell them he won’t leave, they will have to help him leave, then get a restraining order against him. That will make it a crime if he tries to come back. My guess is that this guy doesn’t want to see the cops so if he knows they are on the way, he’ll leave.

This is a mess, but you have to get him out sooner or later, might as well do it sooner.

Don’t let this happen again. There are some smooth talkers in this world, but you have to give it some time and see if they are smooth actors.

This is what happens when you let a person move in with you and your daughter after only knowing them for 3 1/2 months.

Kick his a$$ out of your house an tell him you don’t want sh!t like that around your little girl! Don’t care hoe much love you have for this man your little girl should be the only thing you think about! Don’t rat on him let him do his thing but somewhere else an also if they come back(COPS) and find him at your house they can repossess everything you don’t have receipts for!! They say he bought the things with stolen car money!! Better get out before you lose everything!! Ask the cops they will tell you, be anonymous!

I’d tell the cops.
You don’t need to be dragged into that crap.
How would you feel if you were charged as an accessory to the crimes because you knew about them?
And how would you feel if family services took away your daughter?

This guy is an adult. He’s old enough to know right from wrong. And for him to make the decision to be a criminal says a whole lot about his character.

Stay away from him. Get him out of your place. You don’t need to explain anything further to him.

While you are out one day, call the police from a pay phone and tell them the time and place and let them handle it. Tell them you heard some “guys” bragging about doing this and you wanted them to be informed. Then let it go. If the cops catch them, you are not implicated. If they don’t catch them, you can break up with your boyfriend at your convenience. Start a fight or what ever you think it would take to get him to break up and leave. Good Luck.

Best thing to do my dear is to do what your conscience tells you. Will it give you peace of mind if you turn them in? Think that it will cost you a lifetime worrying what you could have done.
If I were you, weigh things and see if that is the life you want also for your daughter. Can you live without him? I dont think that his family will get back to you if you turn them in to authorities.
You have a life and your daughter’s is also dependent to you. What will you tell her if she ask you one day when she’s all grown up on how you have brought her up. It will be amazing to tell that you have brought her up on your own effort decently.
That’s a good reason too why you should be admitted to heaven when your time comes. =)
Just a thought.

Set up an appointment with the chief of detectives at your local police station ASAP. Tell him your whole story….EVERYTHING. He is a professional and will be able to handle everything in the proper manner. Above all…Don’t try to do anything on your own…..and don’t take any one elses advice. Rest assured, you will be safe doing it this way

Well, you could go to the police and try for witness protection, if it’s a federal crime, if it’s a big gang.

If you go the “anonymous tip” route – make DAMN sure that they can’t figure out that you were the only one who knew what was told to the police. There are also other, more “creative” ways of causing criminals to trip over themselves – if you think about it. In fact – I know an habitual drunk driver who is about to get his comeuppance. . .

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