HR 3200, Banking Account Info Issue?

I reviewed the legislation concerning the government having access to our bank account. Here’s the link to HR 3200:

Page 57, Section 1173A. Paragraph B &D read:

‘‘(B) be authoritative, permitting no additions or constraints for electronic…

I read the entire bill. I remember this and called a reference pertaining to this as well as.. pretty much the whole thing. When I met with my reference, he and she (an advisor) explained that in the time of payment to or “will be for” treatment or outpatient of any kind, the govt. will and can take from your bank account the said amount.. or the agreeable amount for the operation(s)/ service(s).

Basically, I thought it meant that they can harass you like credit card company’s.. But, what my reference explained to me is far worse.

When you register (which is obligatory) you will be filling out everything having to do with you. From social security, medicade, current insurance company’s, morgage, it’s rates, intrest rates, to your past 14 year history, your past employment, current employment(s), employers’ insurance companies, your personal bank account(s), family shares, investings, stocks, EVERYTHING, the whole 9 yard SHA-BANG!

Which technically means you will have NO privacy what-so-ever. This will also help determine who is being naughty and nice when its time to pay income taxes.

Lets say your in this system, when you billed (electronically by email or by your healthcare card) and you say you don’t have the funds for the time being, they can look it up to monitor for themselves to match up with your word.

To make matters worse, they can withdrawl from your account(s) with or without your approval for obvious OR UNKNOWN reasons. Which means if you have bills to pay and you can’t ration a payment through to the govt., they can monitor your paystubbs and allotments and halt them till you pay them first.

Which makes no sense, because how are you to pay if you have no money? What my reference also explained was that would be implimented to delay payments further, to increase late fees and intrest rates.

So, though the govt. system will be extremely cheapo, this is how they plan– or how they say that this system will compete with the private sector. However, it doesn’t matter if you choose to use the private sector. Even then, using the private insurance healthcare coverage will bring you fines for not using the govt. system, along with paying into the system anyway through taxes.

The worst part about all of this is that even if you can’t make payments, they can halt your future “paychecks” and redirect your allotments till they are paid… Which would just put you more in the hole with other bills you have… Say your morgage, or a car note, or utilities…

My guy and girl were stressing the increases in foreclosures and bankruptsy’s up ahead.. But, that’s getting into depth.

This is all true, and if you are for this bill, you better reconsider your thoughts. You can read the entire H.R. 3200 here:…

No, it doesn’t mean they can take anything from you. It means that electronic transactions can’t be constrained (such as having you charged a fee for an electronic transaction).

The electronic transfers do not refer to your bank account. They refer to your insurance provider.

Many of us currently have readable cards. My insurance card is swiped at the point of service as a means for the provider (the doctor’s office) to verify coverage and start reimbursement.

This has nothing to do with your personal bank account. This is your insurance provider. The doctor, prior to performing a service will swipe your insurance card to verify coverage and to get information on covered services.

Currently, most doctors have to either call and get voice approval before providing service, or fax a form and receive a response before providing service or the insurance company will refuse to cover.

If you currently have insurance, you do not receive service without the doctor determining if you are eligible.

The difference here is that a doctor can begin providing service immediately without waiting for a form or a voice approval.

Not right wing lies, right wing misunderstanding. This already happens every time you get care through your health insurance.

I asked a similar question about this part of the bill. My question was: why do they need access to our bank accounts if their Heath care is supposed to be payed for with tax money? I was told to shut up and a whole bunch of other things that were unkind. This is just one place in this bill that bothers me.

It means if you enroll in the Program for Insurance you have to have a bank account and pay your Premium from there automatically.its just like the army pay there is no Paper checks any more.and it means your Premium has to be payed up before you go to the is not going to be free Insurance People are still going have to pay Premiums
and Im sure they will set how much on your ability to pay

“and, to the extent possible, prior to service, including whether the individual is eligible for a specific service with a specific physician at a specific facility”

BUT BUT BUT…..they’re not gonna interfere in our health care decisions….I heard Obama say that…..just tell us we aren’t “eligible?”

I don’t believe that will pass in the bill. If it does there are going to be a lot of people closing their bank accounts. Then the banks will go broke and the government will be in a horrible mess.

Do you expect an Obamanite to subject themselves to the possibility of being completely disenfranchised about the Chosen One.
You are asking more than they are willing to give

Do you think they realize what the letter of the law says as opposed to what the democratic leadership says it is for.

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