How do i tell if my friend is gay?

At my work there is a coworker who is a good buddy of mine that i think might be gay.
*He has a high pitched voice (hes 15 btw). whenever something happens he always relpies something feminine like “oh my god.”
*Whenever i ask him a girlfriend question he blushes laughs and changes the subject.

Well, if you’re going to get on his case about it, watch his eyes when surrounded by attractive males or females, see where he looks–this is the only sure-fire way to tell, and even if you figure it out, just keep it to yourself.

he’s only 15, and a lot of gays find out about themselves when they are about college age, so it could possibly be the case he is still finding himself, and its entirely normal for him to show all these signs-gay or straight.

just above all, respect him by not embarrassing him, outing him, or doing anything to him you wouldn’t want done to yourself. He’s your friend after all 🙂

How do you find out whether he is homosexual?

You might try asking him.

Honestly, there is no real set of traits that will allow you to know someone’s sexual orientation. There are stereotypes, sure, but since when have stereotypes been an accurate representation of any social group?

So if you really feel the need to know, ask him in a nonthreatening way, being sure to let him know that you won’t think less of him or ostracize him if the answer happens to be yes.

He would experience that now which you have have been given informed him, you will hit on him. next time you talk over with him tell him which you’re happy you informed him. That it is been a curse to no longer and that he isn’t in simple terms your maximum suitable chum, yet your confidant. He would be soaking up what you have suggested and does not be attentive to a thank you to act or talk over with you in case he offends you. He would ask many questions like, “how do you be attentive to your gay? have you ever had intercourse with a guy in the previous? Who, do i be attentive to him? (in case you probably did, shop that information to your self) what’s it opt to have intercourse with a guy? He might inform you you’re loopy questioning that way and verify out to speak you out of being gay. If he’s your maximum suitable chum, he will settle for you. here’s a sprint to describe to him approximately gays: i replace into in college and element of my currcriculm replace into psychology and middle Humanities, the two lined human sexuality and the information got here from many sexual examine over some years via researchers in the USA of a, Canada, united kingdom and different components of Europe. a million out of 10 people is gay international extensive. seventy 5% of fellows (do no longer remember stats on women people) has had a minimum of a million or extra same intercourse encounters of their lives and are without postpone (age stages from boys, tweens, youngsters and adults of diverse a while to very old). those examine are in accordance with a real/fake scale of 15% ratio. additionally, i’ve got examine the Bible 4 circumstances and had talk approximately sexuality with countless diverse clergy of diverse faiths. maximum have drawn this end: The old testomony replace into very strict, yet then the recent testomony eased up with Jesus. God would have been wrathful in the previous Christ, yet after Christ compassion replace into born. God needs all His little ones to be happy, suitable? while you’re gay and stay in the closet, no longer have a relationship, then you definitely at the instant are not happy. while you’re gay and for visual attraction sake date women people and get married, you’re nonetheless no longer completely happy. you do no longer go with to be gay. you’re born that way, it somewhat isn’t any ones fault. it is no longer a delivery illness, ailment, sickness or a sin. each and every human has the suited to be enjoyed and to love no remember what the gender they ensue to be with.

If he is a true friend, why does it matter whether he is gay or not? If you are a true friend, it shouldn’t matter. If he wants to share this with you, he will. You are trying to get information by being nosy, let it go.

Maybe he’s asking so many questions because you are making him nervous

Well, I think you need a BIT more to tell if he is or not. He sounds like me! Don’t confront him yet. Just make sure he feels comfortable around you, and time will tell.

He sounds like the average gay guy. WHy dont you just aske him… YOu know just be nice about it! you know be like hey, i’m just curious, you gay?

Thats all and if he blushes and doesn’t answer i think that ur answer!

I think if he wants to share that info wth you, he will.

this friend wouldnt happen to be you would it?

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