Does the bible mention the dinosaurs?

Does the bible mention the dinosaurs?

Of course not; dinosaurs were unknown when it was written. Some young-earth creationists claim references to whales and rhinos or whatever are actually about dinosaurs, but hindsight-interpretation is marvelously malleable.

Yes…although not using the word “dinosaur” That word was not invented until the 1840’s….well after the Bible was translated into English. The ancient word for what we call dinosaurs was dragons and there are some passages in the Bible which speak of “dragons” or flying serpents/reptiles and other creatures which sound like what we call dinosaurs. The book of Job mentions two that are usually referred to as dinosaurs…behemoth and leviathan.

Dinosaurs in the Bible…….…

There are also many evidences that dinosaurs co-existed with man until fairly recent times…..ancient artworks from around the world. Egyptian vases, Babylonian cylinder seals, Cambodian and Indian temple carvings, an English church tomb engraving, coins, fabrics, artifacts, figurines, cave paintings, etc… along with many cultures who have dragon legends.…

NO and there are quite a lot of other animals, the remains of which have been found, which were also not mentioned in the bible. For some peculiar reason it is the lack of the word dinosaur which troubles people but not the lack of the word giraffe or elephant. I don’t believe that dodo is mentioned either but we know they existed – once.

Blessings to all. The Bible doesn’t mention them by name but they would have been included in Genesis 1:24, “And God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and wild animals, each according to its kind.” And it was so.” [Genesis 1:24] Yes, God did create them as far as we know, since we have their fossils. The Dinosaurs died because the earth was hit by a gian comet. It cause the volcano to erupt , and that is how they died, they could not adopt to the change of the temperature. They did not died from the flood.

Yes, although it does not use that word. There is Leviathan (sea monster like Godzilla) and Behemoth which is a giant land animal. They are mentioned in the book of Job. See:Job chapter 41 plus Psalm 74:14 Psalm 124:26 and Isaiah 27:1. For behemoth see: Job 40:15-24.

No it doesn’t. There is mention of a “leviathan” which creationists claim is a dinosaur, but that’s a stretch. Truth is that the Biblical creation story is so incorrect that even the Catholic Church has embraced evolution and the big bang as scientific fact and now calls Genesis “spiritual truth” rather than scientific truth.

The Bible does talk about Unicorns and Satyrs. Neither of which has there ever been evidence for.

No, but it does mention words that were created in the 1800s. Leviathan and Behemoth, which have no relation to dinosaurs.

No, there are no mention of dinosaurs neighbor.


But it does mention flying serpents, witches, unicorns fiery serpents, impossibly old men (not women) dragons, cockatrices, and other mythological idiocy.

Hey, it’s the stories of a group of bronze age goat herders. Don’t expect any logic. There was no science.

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